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The south Hakkouda, a spring out underneath - Aomori-ken Towadako-machi, Kamikita-gun

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Spring quality of a hot spring
Simple spring The fountainhead which gushes automatically 42-48 ℃ is three places.
Efficacy of a hot spring
Ideal for the hot-spring cure of the convalescence of a trauma, bruise, and illnesses.

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Distance km

Shinkansen about 3 hours, the Morioka station
Limited express bus (April one day -, November ten-day operation.)
Tsuta onsen ryokan

Morioka station
Tohoku Line
Misawa station
Towada Kanko Dentetsu, the bus for Towada-shi or a train, about 25 minutes
A change, bus 50 minutes for Yake-yama
Towadako hot-spring village bus stop
Pick-up use
Tsuta onsen ryokan

Aomori-tsuta-Yake-yama-Towadako, No. 1 per day Contact: JR bus northeast TEL017-723-1621
Urawa IC
A northeast way, about 597 km
Towada I.C
The Towadako course, about 90 minutes
Tsuta onsen ryokan

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Tsuta onsen ryokan
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