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  • 2024-06-24(Mon)

[MOUNTAIN-TRAD-Inc. security policy] The following measure is taken in database creation of a member and reservation information for security reservation of personal information.

(1) Security of a member and a reservation database
- I have prevented danger of adopting a SSL encrypted communication system, and being intercepted and altered.
- The firewall is installed for prevention of unjust access to a server.
(2) Transmission to the accommodations of reservation data
- Although it is enciphered by SSL and reservation data reaches a server, it has transmitted to accommodations and Users of this reservation system by E-mail, and becomes a flow about a network by 平文.
  1. Fax at information is transmitted to accommodations in parallel.
(3) The measure against a virus
- Install a virus-checking program in all the personal computers, and I thoroughly carry out detection among them.
(4) Use of Cookie and Cookie
- Since the access person to this Web server is specified, Cookie is used.
(5) Encryption of a member password
- It is enciphered and save the member password in the database.

    [security-policy systems development and an operator: MOUNTAIN-TRAD-Inc.]