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[Hot-springs-deep-inside-Japan member agreement]

(1) Fee
  • free.
  • (2) Privilege of membership
  • The point is attached when stay which suits the conditions which point support accommodations present is carried out.
  • (3) Contents for members
  • You can write in the hot spring forum and hot spring review bouquet of a bulletin board (member exchange).
  • (4) Admissions requirements
  • The individual or organization more than a junior high school student.
  • The gang persons-concerned and enough whom who of a tattoo cannot register as a club member.
  • (5) When there is also no lapse connection of member qualification and a No-show is carried out.
  • When not corresponding to admissions requirements becomes clear.
  • (6) Withdrawal from the membership
  • By withdrawal from the membership, all the points given to the member shall be invalidated.
  • (7) Agreement change
  • Member agreement may be changed without a preliminary announcement.
  • [Hot-springs-deep-inside-Japan member agreement 2006 October establishment 2014 July 24-day amendment]