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[Privacy policy]

(1) The purpose of the database register of personal information
  • Please register personal information, whenever to register was wished.
  • Please register a reservation system again for the input complement in the case of use.
  • When the necessity for information arises a guide mail item, in order to use only within the visitor set as reception.
  • In order to send important information.
  • (2) The purpose of the database register of reservation information
  • Please register with a database for all the reservation.
  • Please use for after follow transmitting mail after please refer to the stay history for the data reference in the cases, such as change, cancellation, etc. of reservation, and the member, transmission of reminder mail, and stay.
  • (3) Handling of a database
  • Password management of the use is carried out and it is put in a database within the server which intercepted communication with the exterior as much as possible.
  • (4) About offer to the exterior of a personal information database
  • It is absolutely none to provide the third party with personal information and reservation information except for the case where it is able to ask for offer by a public institution.
  • (5) Credit-card information
  • Handling now plug.