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1.about Cookies
I am using the following Cookies at the this site.

The kind of Cookie is a small text file which a website stores in a visitor's device.

2.Cookie: A category / use extent and the purpose / vitiation

(1) A visitor's specification (ID) which carries out an accelerator
A bidirectional function is maintained by this ID and net resources can utilize efficiently.
* No personal information is stored.
Category: Indispensable Cookie
use extent: -- first party limited use vitiation (opt-out): -- there is no setup turned OFF for indispensable Cookie.
Please refer to the following.
(2) Cookie which the access analysis tools "Google Analytics" which a Google Yashiro offers publish
Purpose: Google Analytics is creating the access analysis report of a website using first party Cookie which this site publishes.
Category: Functional Cookie
use extent: -- first party limited use vitiation (opt-out): -- please refer to the following.
Refer to the following page for the details about Google Analytics.
Google Analytics service use agreement
Google policy and agreement
It is absolutely none to use Cookie for the purpose other than the above now at this site.

3.The way of a setup and deletion of Cookies

(1) It is possible by changing a setup of a browser to repeal Cookie.
Please confirm the help of each browser about the modification method of a setup of Cookie.
* When all Cookie is set as invalidity, it stops functioning by setup of a browser except a static page.
(2) The application "Google Analytics opt-out add-on" offered from the way Google Yashiro of vitiation of "Google Analytics" can be cancelled by installing in the browser in an errand.
(3) The deletion method of Cookies
Cookie stored in the browser can be deleted at any time.
Please confirm the way by the help of the following or a browser.
This site may change the content of this page without a preview.

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