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  • 2024-06-24(Mon)

[Hot-springs-deep-inside-Japan point agreement]

(1) Support Ryokan
  1. The Ryokan on which it agrees to offer the point in the Ryokan published to the Hot springs deep inside Japan.
(2) The plan for a point
  1. Stay which corresponds to the following conditions among stays at the support Ryokan a reservation at was made from the reservation form of the Hot springs deep inside Japan.
  2. 1. Stay by object plan of day for [ which a support Ryokan defines ] point.
  3. 2. Only adult stay could applicable.
(The child and infant whom a support Ryokan sets are not applicables.) It is except stay about the exclusion day which 3. support Ryokan sets.
  1. 4. Tax excluded accommodation charges are 4500 yen or more stay.
  2. 5. Stay by plan for point which is not lodging-point-not-applicable plan which support Ryokan defines.
(3) The amount for a point
  1. The frame which subtracted the frame of the point used from the frame which added together the tax excluded adult rate of stay applicable to a The-stay-which-lodging-point-applicable plan by stay for the total, and omitted less than 1000 yen.
  2. * Notes : no option fee money and air conditioning expenses are contained in a tax excluded adult rate and the amount for a point.
(4) Point coefficient
  1. Point coefficient (k) : It is 0.02 (2%) to 0.1(10%)(5) point calculation by a Lodge which point applicable.
  2. The point multiplies a point coefficient to the amount for a point.
  3. * Less than one-point omission.
(6) A point term-of-validity point is valid for five years after the day following the day which stayed.
  1. The expiration date is prepared in order to like to use early.
  2. * Notes : the point whose five years or more passed is invalidated.
(7) The usage of a point
  1. You can use the point for discount in the case of stay to a support Ryokan.
  2. * Notes (important) : at the Ryokan which is not a support Ryokan, it cannot be used at a Hot-springs-deep-inside-Japan printing Ryokan.
(8) Value of a point
  1. 1 point, you calculate as 1 yen and can use for discount.
(9) Change of point agreement
  1. The point agreement of the Hot springs deep inside Japan may be changed without a preview.
(10) It cannot attach the point to reservation for GoTo travel.
(GoTo travel agreement) Suppose that use of the point cannot be performed again, either.
  1. Since it becomes impossible to receive a benefit 100% in order that the travel price which reduced a part for point use may consider it as the price for GoTo.
  2. [The 2005 October establishment, the 2020 September 12-day amendment]