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  • 2024-04-20(Sat)

[Reservation system policy]

(* attention: Credit card) A credit card is not dealt with in this reservation system.
  1. Therefore, it is absolutely none to hear credit-card information.
  2. Although doubtful e-mail is not checked until now, it should be careful.
(* attention: Settlement of accounts) The reservation by this reservation system turns into a stay contract with accommodations, and accommodations pay it directly in local settlement of accounts altogether.
  1. Therefore, it is absolutely none that this reservation site and accommodations ask you for an advance etc.
(1) Tentative reservation system
  1. I receive the application of tentative reservation, will check an institution or a system administrator at, and an availability, and will carry out the e-mail at reply of the acceptance propriety.
  2. Since I will secure the room temporarily when acceptance is good, please inform less than [ reply at 3 day ] for whether reservation is decided or not.
  3. When canceled, please certainly give me connection.
  4. The guarantee of the room asks you for thing consent exceeding one week that it cannot do.
  5. When a request of reservation decision is obtained from a visitor, I will consider it as a Confirm reservation and will send e-mail.
(2) Cancellation, change, etc., such as the connection way, a reservation change, etc. to this site, certainly ask connection of this site by the following way.
  1. in order that connection to this site may leave record -- the reply of reservation mail, or change/cancellation of a support menu (it indicates to e-mail) -- or -- Please give me connection from inquiry form.
  2. As for this window, please be not used for the whom who which cannot do a reply.
(2) Accommodation charges
  1. Accommodations pay all directly in local settlement of accounts.
(3) Cancellation charge
  1. A cancellation policy of each accommodations shall be followed.
(4) Reservation system fee no charge.
(5) Cookie
  1. It is absolutely none to use a cookie only for a user's discrimination and to store a visit, an inspection, a search history, etc. besides personal information.
  2. The indication to a third party is also absolutely none.
(6) Change of this policy
  1. This policy may be changed without a preview.
  2. [# 2023 November 14-day amendment MOUNTAIN TRAD Inc.]