Hot springs deep inside Japan

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The collection of the Spa accommodation which breathes in the hidden hot spring and spa resort in Japan.

The hidden hot spring in Japan which is not known, mountains' isolated lodge, the spa accommodation that offers a stay [ room-to-let room rent self cooking ] style in the spa resort which breathes in the area, and the healing inn of a traditional wooden structure are introduced. At a point tie-up Ryokan, it is conditional and the point is attached.


Lodge which point applicable * Titles omitted

[Point of the Hot springs deep inside Japan] br point is given to the effective date which an inn sets in the inn of support. the collected point is after next time a package by discount -- you can use it. (valid for five years)
5% point applicable for any of days
Shiretoko Village (old Tsukuda-sou)KatsuradaKita Onsen RyokanDaikokuyaSekiyaJinpyokakuOiwakeyaFuukinomoriTakiminoieKanaya RyokanHokkein onsen sansoHokkein Annex Hanasansui
5% NotValidOnDesignatedDay
ShirakabasouKatoya RyokanYohsino onsen motoyuTanab
10% NotValidOnDesignatedDay
Daisetsu kogen sansoMiyako RyokanMasuya RyokanKiriakeRiversideHouseKouyoukanRyokan Gold mineAkigami Onsen RyokanArinokiyaKameyaYunouekanHanayaYunotani
10% point applicable for any of days
Ryokan TsuruyaKarasawa kousenShibugotenyuYumotokanOkudayaTouwaro
8% point applicable for any of days
Sugimoto Ryokan

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