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The Hida attractive foods and a carbonate spring - Gifu Osaka-cho, Mashita-gun

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[Outline] The Hida attractive foods and a carbonate spring Okudaya-GifuYuya Osaka-cho, Mashita-gun
[Reservation] Net tentative reservation
[Business] open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
[One day trip bathing]
[Address] 572 Yuya, Osaka-cho Gero-shi Gifu-ken
[Telephone] 0576623006 [Telephone]
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The Characteristic
In foundation, the history of about 360 years before and a yuya Founded or started to use this hot spring is enough Yumoto.The carbonate spring water-white in a pouring gate which is piquant if it drinks is a hot spring where the component which changes to a yellow-brown color is deep in a bathtub.It was said from ancient times that it was good for gastroenteropathy etc., and it has prospered as a spa resort.A guest room faces the clear stream of the Ohora river, and can perform rest and a hot-spring cure leisurely.The hometown course dinner characterized by a side with a Hida-gyu meat is the hand structure which imposed time one by one, and is wonderful, especially as for Hida-gyu-meat Ho-leaf bean paste, the scent and bean paste of a Ho-leaf are involved, and very much, although the number of good flavor and Hida-gyu-meat sliced raw fishes is two, they melt with a tongue tip and are highest-class palatability.It was impressed by hand-made buckwheat noodles and the buckwheat dough of the Ground-Dough-Boil fresh of grinding, moving and boiling the near fruit of private cultivation on that day, and was impressed by the hot spring rice gruel of the next morning again.

* Hida-gyu-meat sliced raw fish is not offered now.

The enough Entrance lobby lounge of a wood stove

Tearoom: A husband's handmade woodcraft

The side field of private cultivation

[The promenade of the Ohora river and the opposite shore]

The Hida hometown course dinner and hand-made buckwheat noodles

Hand-made buckwheat noodles of a Ground-Dough-Boil fresh
the buckwheat noodles of private cultivation -- freshly ground -- it strikes and builds, and builds by a hot spring, and a flavor is exceptional.

It is a hot spring rice gruel to near private cultivation, river fish (char), wild grass, a Hida-gyu meat, and breakfast.

an Example
Hors d'oeuvre, chawan-mushi, sliced raw fish (a Hida-gyu meat and fish), tempura, Hida-gyu-meat Ho-leaf bean paste baking, a char dish grilled with salt, and a side come, and they are a side, soup, and boiled rice.

Meal place
A supper is a room or a tatami dining room, and breakfast is a dining-room.

Ho-leaf baking Hida-gyu-meat sliced raw fish is also moving palatability.

Hand-made buckwheat noodles

Breakfast of a hand structure, such as a hot spring rice gruel and Ho-leaf bean paste

* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Hot-spring Cure

Self-cooking Cookhouse

The self-cooking can use a dining-room.

Clay pot boiled rice is recommendation in the carbonate spring of a drink-spring place!

Indoor Hot Spring
Man and woman each 1.
100% of the fountainhead
The hot spring for males has a fountainhead tub and two bathtub of heat exchange, and a hand becomes a crane crane in a pouring gate.

A men's section of a bathhouse, a fountainhead bath

Ladies' bath and here are heat-exchanged.

* Although heat exchange at warming is carried out for the cold spring, a part for a fountainhead injection is made to overflow.

Guest Room
15 rooms, 50 persons (two with bath and toilets, ten with toilets)
40 halls (tatami dining room), 27 mats

Frequently Asked Question FAQ about Hot-spring Cure
  1. Only an except ordinary term can use the Bon Festival / New Year / GW / consecutive holidays.
  2. You can use from one night of one person.
  3. All guest rooms turn into a Japanese-style room (with toilet).
  4. Self-cooking share equipment: A refrigerator, a gas range, cooked-in-a-pot kiln, tableware, a cutting board, a kitchen knife, a toaster, a microwave, tableware, and a washing machine
  5. Foods: About 3.5 km of rest areas About 2 km of super (food, sundry goods, and alcoholic drinks).
  6. a hot-spring cure -- a dinner tray -- as for the lunch, use the station (those with a morning) of the hot spring / Gandate / way of a dining-room/Himeshaga at the time of a continuous stay -- a welcome and send-off is also possible.
  7. The self-cooking can use a dining-room.
  8. A sheet is exchanged for the 3rd night.
  9. It cannot attach the point to a hot-spring cure plan.
Near Station
Takayama Line Hida-Osaka station -> welcome and send-off

- Top - Gifu-ken Gero Yuya, Osaka-cho
Telephone 0576-62-3006 FAX 0576-62-3016
The carbonate spring in Gifu, an Okudaya
Welcome and Send-off
It is and is at the Hida-Osaka station.
Parking Lot
Full equipment
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