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The hidden hot spring of Kirishima and the Yunotani river - Kagoshima Makizono-cho, Aira-gun

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[Outline] The hidden hot spring of Kirishima and the Yunotani river Yunotani-KagoshimaKirishima yunotani Makizono-cho, Aira-gun
[Reservation] Net tentative reservation
[Business] Wed Regular holiday
[One day trip bathing] 500 yen 10:00 to 14:00 Hall rest: 1000 yen
[Address] 4970 Takachiho, Makizono-cho Kirishima-shi Kagoshima-ken
[Telephone] (0995)78-2852 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
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The Characteristic
The Yunotani river only fountainhead is protected and pleasant hot spring bathing is offered in the style of a traditional spa resort.A Touji building is also established newly and it can be said to be the inn for the whom who which needs the efficacy enough hot spring purely.In Kagoshima, he heard "The bath there is good" from the people next by next, and it has agreed and the talk rose.Both the fountainhead where the bathtub of the Log of two size differs from spring quality is hung in large quantities, the indoor hot spring of the bath structure of a hinoki is emotional, and it is the scenery of Kagoshima which becomes a picture.The open-air bath which constructed the natural rock loses and is not inferior to an indoor hot spring, either, and it is brilliant.It is the deep Spa accommodation of the natural forest in the Kirishima national park surrounded green.

H 19-year April renewal opening.
O The somewhat shallower bathtub of the sleeping tub which takes both in between the sulfur spring of 43 degrees which became cloudy, and the soda spring of SHUWASHUWA of 30 degrees was built.O The bathroom was made into hinoki tension.O The shower which the hope had was attached.O The roof was attached to the open-air bath.It is OK even if it rains.O The lobby was made large.

Wooden [ 2 stories of ]

A lobby inside a hall

The bathtub which became three bathtubs and increased effect much more

The open-air bath of a yunotani

A structed by rock is brilliant and a bottom rock is also an open-air bath which the same monolith as a bathtub is placed and can think only the product by a natural hand.

Inside of a hall

Handmade country-style dishes (an example):
I received very deliciously the row slices which is wiped and mouthfeel obtains in the beat of a pleasant Jidori chicken, the vinegared of a lobster, and Goma Darre by hors d'oeuvre, such as a や Nobilo herbs roll, and half a lifetime, and the dish elaborate [ whose / attaching /, such as a sauerkraut of celery, a light-seasoned buckwheat noodles, tempura, Ho-leaf miso, and pickles, ].

It is all a taste recommended [ handmade ].

A mushroom and pork belly Ho-leaf miso

A new maple, and wild grass and Ebino tempura

It is wild grass (bud of Japanese angelica - Pteridium aquilinum, a royal fern sprout of - akebi) in the shiitake mushroom and the spring of the vegetables and the Makizono-cho specialty of a Jidori chicken and the ground.
  • Meal place:
  • A morning, dining-room The evening, a dining-room
An Open all year round, the 1-time first weekday closed per month.

Checkout 10:00 and check-in 16:00
* When check-in is past 17:00, I certainly ask a telephone of an inn.Moreover, a meal may not be ready if it is past 18:00.
* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Hot-spring Cure

Touji building

Touji building guest room

Self-cooking institution (gas is a coin ceremony because of safety)

Indoor Hot Spring
A Separated by gender, the bath structure of a cypress, the two fountainhead, two bathtubs

The bathtub before a renewal

It is a soda spring of enough sulfur with a falls from a ceiling -- this -- it strikes -- also making -- it gets warm at the bathtub of the peculiarity and next sulfur spring, and can enjoy the coldness-and-warmth contrast bath here.
A guest's open-air bath Charter time 16:00 -
One-day-trip bathing: 500 yen 10:00 to 14:00
Hall rest: 1000 yen

* The whom who of stay is most provided with the hot spring from hot-spring payment cleaning and 16:00 from 14:00 every day.

Open-air Bath
Natural stone bath Man-and-woman shift operations (two time bases)

He is the tengu (made by master) of an enough to a simple shrine.

Family Bath
Open-air bath charter possible
Guest Room
Eight main building with toilets, seven Touji buildings 25 persons.
The Touji building was built.
Frequently Asked Question FAQ about Hot-spring Cure
  1. There is a larger communal kitchen.
  2. Gas is a coin ceremony of the coin 10 yen for safety.
  3. Bring tableware and the rice cooker with you.It is 500 yen by the set of tableware and a rice cooker at the time of a loan.
  4. A refrigerator is located in each part store.
  5. You can use cookware, such as pots and pans.
  6. Bring foods and the seasoning with you.
  7. It becomes in about about 10 minutes by a car to Maruo's supermarket by car to a convenience store for about 5 minutes.
  8. You can use bedclothes at the time of a hot-spring cure plan.
  9. Bring a sheet and a yukata, and toilet articles with you.
  10. A toilet is not located at a visitor-to-a-hot-spring-resort room.A public lavatory is an irrigation ceremony.
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JR Nippo Line, the Kirishimajinguu station
Kagoshima-ken kirishima yunotani
- Top -Postcode899-6603 Kagoshima-ken Kirishima 4970, Takachiho, Makizono-cho
Telephone: 0995-78-2852
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