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[Outline] Kagoshima Kirishima yunotani @Makizono-cho, Aira-gun The hidden hot spring, hot-spring cure which protect the only fountainhead on the jigoku belt lower stream in Kirishima, and the Yunotani river
[Spring quality] It is just because that of an enough is this water temperature (30 ° of fountainhead) with a hidden bubble mostly about the hot-water-quantity carbonic acid of 450 L/m in two 46 ° of sulfur spring carbonic acid 30 ° sulfur springs (sulfur soda spring). It will separate, if temperature is high, and it will be gas.
[Altitude] The hot spring which wells ups to about 650 m and the Yunotani river
[Environment] Isolated lodge
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] The village, Kirishima GC, and the Ebino Heights of the waterfall, the spacious ravine, the Nunobikino-taki, the Kyushu nature trail, Mt. Karakuni, Takachihonomine, Kirishimajinguu and the Takachiho stock farm, and wonderful place of Maruo
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The Characteristic
Kirishima Hot Spring area
A ten or so size hot spring is an enough to the west-southeast in Mt. Shimmoe which still continues volcanic activity one mountain of the Kirishima mountain range which stands in a row to Mt. Karakuni counted by Japanese one hundred famous mountains from the mountain "Takachihonomine" of descent of the emperor from the gods.It was dotted with the big hotel and the central part Maruo circumference uses each fountainhead.

Kirishima yunotani
It seems that the mountain ascetic of Kirishima-yama used the fountainhead of the ravine upper stream which wells ups uniquely to aparted-by-mountain Yamama and the Yunotani river as the hot spring resort in Mister Yugawa once upon a time, and a lumber jack and a farmhouse do a temporary shed and enjoyed the hot spring after that.The hot spring of those with two kind and a non-[ non-heating ] water running is still hung on the attractive point remain bathtub of a spa resort for a sulfur spring, a carbonic acid sulfur spring, and the fountainhead where spring quality differs from temperature in large quantities.An included sulfur spring (soda spring) is new in a carbonic acid also in the whole country.

It is the Kirishima Hot Spring area of good-location-to-see evening glow about long distance Sakurajima.

The waterfall of Kurikawa and Maruo
Is it a prepared for a while in inflow of a hot spring?

Mt. Karakuni and the Onami pond of a snow capped The middle of the month of a December

1700 m of the Kirishima mountain-range dominant peaks "Mt. Karakuni":
From a view to the extent that the origin of the somma surrounding a huge burner and a name can be overlooked to the country of a Korea.The courses in which it goes half round the Onami pond trailhead to a pond from the Ebino Heights and the Mt. Karakuni trailhead for 1 hour and 30 minutes are recommendation and ascent about 2 hours and 20 minutes.If it can do, I would like to traverse to Takachihonomine.It is said that the bloom June of an azalea in Mt is crowded.
They are Mt. Karakuni and Kirishima Hot Spring (100 peaks and spring Japan) in detail.

The in-no-time lower part of an inn, the Yunotani river of a deep ravine

46 ツー of sulfur springs
30 ツー of carbonic acid sulfur springs (sulfur soda spring)
It is two and is the hot water quantity of 450 L/m.

It is just because that of an enough is this water temperature (30 ツー of fountainhead) with a tone bubble mostly about a carbonic acid.It will separate, if temperature is high, and it will be gas.

The "Kyushu nature trail" grand hall and the tour around a waterfall


Takachihonomine (hem) and the Takachiho stock farm

A myth "descent of the emperor from the gods" and a ninth page of descent-of-the-emperor-from-the-gods Kirishima drum
The gods who won the life of the Amaterasu-Oomi-Kami are the peaks in come-down Kirishima-yama and Takachiho.It is the scene expression, the whole country, and overseas by negotiations of a drum A public performance and 0995-78-2406
Neuralgia, rheumatism, a cut, autonomic imbalance, and stress
Public Bathhouse
Nothing, the Yunotani mountain villa at one day trip bathing possible

By Train
Tokyo -> Shinkansen about 4 hours and 52 minutes -> Hakata -> limited express about 3 hours and 45 minutes -> Nishi-Kagoshima station -> JR Nippo Line about 45 minutes -> Kirishimajinguu station -> taxi about 20 minutes -> kirishima yunotani
By Car
The direction of Fukuoka -> Kyushu Expressway -> Yokogawa IC alighting, about 40 minutes
The direction of Kagoshima -> Kyushu Expressway -> Mizobe Kagoshima Airport IC alighting, about 35 minutes
Kagoshima Airport -> Kirishima Hot Spring area going bus and Maruo alighting -> taxi about 5 minutes
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