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    [A mountain villa, a hut job information employee, and staff part-time job collection]

  • (*** Nagano-ken, and Mt. Yatsugatake Honzawa-onsen and Mt. Aka top mountain villa ***) 2023/1/12 updating
  • Mt. Yatsugatake The Yumoto Honzawa onsen / Mt. Aka top mountain villa part-time job collection
  • * Number to be admitted
  • An age, sex distinction, experience unquestioned
  • It is healthy and I am waiting for the whom who which can adapt itself to community life.
  • * Description of job
  • Hut at large (reception, cooking, cleaning, mountain trail maintenance, etc.) operating * place of business
  • Honzawa onsen Binary name
  • Four Mt. Aka top mountain villas
  • * Daily wages
  • 8,000 yen - (food expenses, living in a Rates needlessness)
  • * Those with rise in pay
  • Transportation expenses are uniformly 10,000 yen provision * length of service during the period at the time of an end.
  • Honzawa onsen Beginning of the beginning of a June - a November
  • The Mt. Aka top mountain villa End of the beginning of a July - an October
  • * Please consult about length of service till two or more [ a short period of time - ].
  • Registration system -- Whom who which can be helped when [, such as a peak season, consecutive holidays, and a weekend, ] especially a help is required
  • * Vacation
  • It is five day - in one month.
  • It collects into a weekday and can take.
  • The whom whoes of long-term work are those with a paid holiday.
  • You can use a Honzawa-onsen group's hut (a Honzawa onsen, the Mt. Aka top mountain villa, 山びこ荘, and cleft hut) during a vacation.
  • * In addition to this
  • Various insurance full equipment
  • In a Honzawa onsen, a bath can be taken to a hot spring every day.
  • The staff room is preparation about a single room.
  • * It is to the following for details. Please do not hesitate to ask.
  • 09023050187 (Yashima)
  • E-mail

  • (*** Yamanashi-ken, Aoki-kosen ***) Printing day 2018/05/18
  • Management of a mountain villa and a hot spring for day trippers, administration of a camp site
  • [Work] Aoki kosen

    [Period] He is one [collection] man even from when. One woman

    [Occupational description] Mountain villa operating at large

  • Please ask by telephone.
  • Telephone: 070-4174-1425

  • (*** Nagano-ken and kanbayashi Sekiya ***) Printing day 2014/3/5
  • Full-time employee collection!
  • The single room for singleness is prepared.
  • Boarding fees and food-expenses one-day with 3 meals no charge, 198000 yen - 234000 yen
  • [Work] Nagano-ken Yamanouchimachi

    [Age] Please have a letter of introduction of a 40 or less (the skill formation by long-term employment is expected.) years-old [collection] job placement office.

    (A distant whom who can also be mailed) [Occupational description] room clerk Mr. 1 Myo

    [Salary] 198000 yen - 234000 yen (net income)

    [Others] Five-day work week and working hours 7:00~20:30 Working 8 hours

  • Please ask for details.
  • Up to 0269-33-2268

  • (*** Oita-ken and Mt. Kuju hokkein-onsen-sanso ***) Printing day 2011 / 07/12 employee recruitment!
  • Enough employee Mr. collection of the volition which will be able to work three years and for a long period of time for two years.
  • Number to be admitted: One man woman each
  • daily-wages: -- the measure with a 7000 yen bonus from 6000 yen.
  • Please ask for details.
  • (090)4980-2810

  • [The Hot springs deep inside Japan, a mountain villa, and hut recruit information Heisei 19 February nine days]//EOF