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Dig-in-myself open-air bath - Nagano Sakae-mura, Shimo-Minochi-gun.. Reservation point10% (* point not applicable: Holiday season )

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[Outline] Dig-in-myself open-air bath Kiriake-NaganoAkiyamago Sakae-mura, Shimo-Minochi-gun
[Privilege] point10% (* point not applicable: Holiday season )
[Reservation] Net tentative reservation
[Business] Winter closure:as usual Jan 30~ Open This Year:as usual Jan 31
[One day trip bathing]
[Address] Shimo-Minochi-gunSakae-mura Kiriaki hot spring
[Telephone] (0257)67-2253 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
[The example of a Rates]
The Characteristic
An unexplored region, an akiyamago, the private inn that carries out an Open all year round by 30-km Kiriaki from the town of foot.It is in the Nakatsugawa right bank and the foot of Mt. Saburyu, a suspension bridge is crossed to the natural hot spring of the dry river bed of the left bank, and it is an in no time.It wandered around the dry river bed open-air bath of wilderness full marks, the sleeping tub was enjoyed, and the quiet open-air bath of the inn adjacent to the forest of a beech was [ finish ] pleasant the night of Mt. Torikabuto mountain climbing.The fountainhead pulled from the river is free-flowing hot-spring water, and the hot spring which it was filled to the good smell of a gypsum-fibrosum spring system, was soft, and transparent is [ especially an indoor hot spring ] very pleasant.Only a small customer accepts an one day trip, and it is keeping in mind and cleaning the clean hot spring.

* It is a heavy snowfall area in winter.Please be sure to confirm a road situation at an inn.They are a 4WD and four-wheel studless & chain carrying in case of snow coverage.

Complete view


* [Whole building prohibition of smoking]
I am preparing the good smoking room of a view for the habitual smoker.
A natural dish of wild plants and natural wild grass are saved, and I take out all year round in spring.It is a natural mushroom soup in autumn.
* There is no daily distribution.It becomes the mainly saved foods except a season.It is such a place.
The vegetable with sesame dressing, the raw horse meat, the boiled rice, soup, and the dessert of the simmered-dishes and one-story building side and Kogomi-fern of a dish grilled with salt and climax Aralia cordata, and Osmunda japonica of a maitake-mushrooms cooked in a pot and wild grass, or the Yamano grass leaf thing tempura and char

A natural wild grass small bowl, a foliage plant sky, and char are delicious.

"Breakfast" in which wild grass small bowls, such as Aralia cordata with dishes with vinegared-miso sauce etc., are located in a line

Meal place: Every morning and evening dining-room

Special dish: Row slices of char 1050 yen (reservation required)
* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Indoor Hot Spring
Man-and-woman one optimum temperature each, the hot spring of free-flowing hot-spring water
One-day-trip input: Only individual client Adult of 500 yen Correspondence and 18:00 to the time [ time ] of rush hours flexibly
A clean hot spring is kept in mind and cleaned briskly.

Open-air Bath
Mixed bathing open-air bath 1 (it cannot use in the winter of *.)It warms in autumn.
* A woman has a card under female bathing.
* a chartered card -- I lend.

The mixed bathing open-air bath in which the gate was installed.

Mixed bathing open-air bath.

Changing room

The ravine huge rock in front of an open-air bath

Guest Room
Japanese-style room 10 and European-style room 4 50 persons accommodation
* With an all-rooms air conditioner.

Japanese-style room 12 mat /14 Japanese-style rooms Washing / irrigation with toilet

Japanese-style room 7 mat /Japanese-style room 10-mat Without toilet (all the 3 rooms)

The reformed public lavatory.

The relaxation parlor of 26 large rooms and a sunken hearth.

A sunken hearth is an enough relaxation parlor.

The guest room building facing a ravine

Beautiful bedding to which a sheet for neck is also attached

Main building balcony

Near Station
Joetsu Shinkansen Echigoyuzawa -> bus 50-minute Tsunan alighting for Morimiyanohara -> bus terminal Wayama for Wayama, pick-up 5 minutes
Nagano Shinkansen Nagano station -> JR Iiyama Line Morimiyanohara alighting -> bus terminal Wayama for Wayama, pick-up 5 minutes
Nagano-ken Kiriaki hot spring
- Top - Sakae-mura, Shimo-Minochi-gun, Nagano-ken Kiriaki hot spring
Telephone 0257-67-2253 FAX 0257-67-2321
Up to the Wayama bus stop
Please consult about the pick-up to a trailhead.
Parking Lot
Full equipment
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