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Dig-in-myself open-air bath - Nagano Sakae-mura, Shimo-Minochi-gun.. Reservation point10% (* point not applicable: Holiday season )

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[Outline] Dig-in-myself open-air bath Kiriake-NaganoAkiyamago Sakae-mura, Shimo-Minochi-gun
[Privilege] point10% (* point not applicable: Holiday season )
[Reservation] Net tentative reservation
[Business] Winter closure:as usual Jan 30~ Open This Year:as usual Jan 31
[One day trip bathing]
[Address] Shimo-Minochi-gunSakae-mura Kiriaki hot spring
[Telephone] (0257)67-2253 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
[The example of a Rates]
The Western-style lodge along the Nakatsugawa ravine.
Guest room
It is a smell of overflow and decent sulfur which are a Large bathroom and the same souce of spring as the hot water of a dry river bed.
The open bath of mixed bathing and an one-sheet rock of the Nakatsugawa ravine are desired, and it is an unparalleled view.
A dish of wild plants, fresh water fish cuisine, and an akiyamago are the treasuries of char and wild grass (notes: the material is also moved together),