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[Outline] Nagano Kiriake @Sakae-mura, Shimo-Minochi-gun It is a dig-in-myself natural hot spring to attainment difficulty and a dry river bed in the Touji of an unexplored region, and winter.
[Spring quality] a Kiriake hot spring 55 ° calcium sodium chloride and sulfate spring Water-white Wayama hot spring 49 ° calcium sodium sulfate and chloride spring Water-white Mansion hot spring 48 ° include sulfur sodium calcium sulfate and chloride spring Clouded white 45 ° of small Akazawa hot springs Ferruginous sodium calcium salt ghost spring Crimson It is salty (hot spring rest station 0).
[Altitude] About 1000-m canyon
[Environment] Three houses
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] The village of the merit of waterfall and Amaike - of a small fish river / Uono River, Nakatsugawa and Mt. Naeba, Mt. Torikabuto, Mt. Saburyu, a preservation private house, a husband-and-wife waterfall, an akiyamago race scientific library, and 蛇淵
  • Kiriake Kiriake
The Characteristic
Kiriaki hot spring:
A snowplow is worked once in about 1 hour with a heavy snowfall area, and the pursuit of two inns is maintained in the deepest part of the unexplored region "akiyamago" of a canyon, and winter.But it is not a place which can go by an odd feeling.Please avoid the day of heavy snow and cancel even an On the day.I think that it understands.The wide range and hot hot spring of the Nakatsugawa left-bank riverbed is ready.The sleeping tub was enjoyed, while it is divided into some and the bathtub of rockwork looked at brightness of a star.2008/9/10 visited again
although it was not able to reach up to the day of 2000/2/24 heavy snow, and the Kiriaki hot spring -- Sakamaki this side -- a surface avalanche -- it was just desperate.
But I would like to unearth an open-air bath out of snow targeting the day of fine weather.


Akiyamago Onsenkyo:
The medical-treatment spring of the color of a ferruginous with crimson small Akazawa hot springs including "the extempore open-air bath of the dry river bed dug with a shovel" of the Kiriaki hot spring and a mansion hot spring are Onsenkyo which has the characteristic to perform at once in the Wayama hot spring of an unparalleled view, and each, and cannot respond to the hot spring where included sulfur became cloudy, and it at a hot spring lover at them.
Uono River and a small fish river are known as a mecca of char, and the small fish river has not carried out in particular foundation seed preservation and discharge.

The center from the Mt. Torikabuto ridge, the "Kiriaki hot spring"
The back is a few people could reach "Mt. Saburyu."

Mt. Torikabuto

It is reference also here.:
Mt. Torikabuto and the Kiriaki hot spring

布岩, prismatic structure Red leaves at the end of an October

The fountainhead of a dry river bed

It is in the lower stream and the dry river bed in Nakatsugawa for a while from the juncture of Uono River and a small fish river.There is the good smell of decent sulfur in the 55-degree fountainhead.An open-air bath for exclusive use is built with a shovel, the water of a river is drawn, temperature is adjusted, and it is completion.

The extempore open-air bath of a dry river bed (there are about six pieces)

From the Kiriaki hot spring suspension bridge to the Nakatsugawa ravine

  • 55 degrees of Kiriaki hot springs, calcium sodium chlorides and a sulfate spring Water-white
  • 49 degrees of Wayama hot springs, a calcium sodium sulphate and a chlorides spring Water-white
  • 48 degrees of mansion hot springs, a sulfur containing sodium calcium sulphate and a chlorides spring Clouded white
  • 45 degrees of small Akazawa hot springs, and ferruginous sodium calcium salt ghost spring crimson -- salty (hot spring rest station \500)
Kiriaki Hot Spring
neuralgia, the arthralgia, a frozen shoulder, a motor paralysis, and a bruise -- breaking -- etc.
Wayama Hot Spring
Rheumatism, a locomotorium obstacle, a wound, chronic eczema, keratosis, a physically weak child, etc.
Mansion Hot Spring
Women's diseases, a respiratory ailment, rheumatism and backache, a stiff neck, a trauma, gastroenteropathy, etc.
Small Akazawa Hot Spring
Neuralgia, muscular pain, arthralgia, a digestive disease, hemorrhoids, recovery from fatigue, etc.
Public Bathhouse (Akiyamago)

Small Akazawa hot spring Rakuyou-kan
(Hot-spring-for-day-trippers medical-treatment institution)

* The fountainhead carries out sounds-like-Gobo-Gobo jet with carbon dioxide from a crimson hot spring and a pouring gate.
By Train
  • Joetsu Shinkansen Echigoyuzawa -> bus 50-minute Tsunan alighting for Morimiyanohara -> the bus for Kiriaki
  • Nagano Shinkansen Nagano station -> JR Iiyama Line Morimiyanohara alighting -> the bus for Kiriaki
  • (As for the bus for Kiriaki, 11 / 11 - 4/20 are Wayama terminals.)
By Car
  • It is R353 -> R117 -> R405 at 56 K or 85 minutes from Kan-etsu way Shiozawa Ishiuchi IC.
  • It is R117 -> R405 at 100 minutes from Joshin-etsu way Toyota Iiyama IC.
  • It passes through the Shiga Heights from field IC a Joshin-etsu trip, and is 80 minutes (moreover to [ However, a passing period ] a June - an October even the period those with traffic stop) at a path-through-a-wood course.
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