The hot spring of Hokkaido, a hidden spring

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Although it went targeting ebb tide, the iwaobetsu the hot-spring side had sunk all over the sea, and this Seseki hot spring was [ iwaobetsu ] also defeat is as hard as possible.including "Kamuiwakka Hot-Waterfall" which has forced of 15 km or more on foot, although defeat was most, the natural hot spring of Hokkaido winter also has joy just because it is winter, and perform it -- it cut! merry -- it is the touch called ♪♪---.The cold over 20 below the freezing point ℃ also got warm at the hot spring, and became pleasant hot-spring circulation by Wilde.As [ knew / when the hot spring was just going to get warm when it washed the body not but / it / now ] (shame)
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