Public-bath circulation, shibu 9 Touji and the Onuma pond - Hot springs deep inside Japan

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End-of-a-religious-service Touji "shibu Oyu" bathing after previous nights 3 Touji visiting multiple onsens the shibu public-bath 9, next morning 5 Toujis, and the Onuma pond round trip.

The next morning, a No. 7 Touji, the Touji of 7 繰

O Nine Toujis and Oyu are the most tepid and shibu public-bath circulation still has 59 ℃. It is a local whom-who reason "as for Oyu, a dig in myself draws hot spring water from the source, and the Touji of drilling, No. 6, and 目洗 draws hot spring water to others from a jigokudani." All the stay [ 9 yuyadoes ] person limited no charge.
O As for a flow Yokoyu river, the Onuma pond is a spring about a shibu. The ancestor of the Tsubataya did his best in order to build a floodgate in the Onuma pond, giving up and striking private fortune for Kutsuno village irrigation, and being accompanied also by four family's sacrifice. There is the Yoshida sir's monument in the Onuma pond.
O Although the Shiga Heights Onuma pond is on foot [ 4 km ] about the route or path through a wood of pond circulation, entrance of a car will be opened for traffic from the summer of 09. In the quiet Onuma pond, this autumn is recommendation.
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