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  • 2020-01-28(Tue)
[Reservation and registration]
■ Reservation
  1. There are two systems, tentative reservation and written acknowledgment dispatch type reservation.
■ Tentative reservation system
  1. Transmission of reservation form.
  2. I tell acceptance propriety by e-mail.
  3. When acceptance is good, it becomes a Confirm reservation by getting a reply.
■ Written acknowledgment dispatch type reservation system
  1. It is at the transmitting time of reservation form, and becomes a Confirm reservation.
  2. (Note) Disclaimer
  3. However, at a Ryokan, when you are usually receiving reservation by synchronization from two or more reservation windows and enough reservation of a time preference has already occurred, please understand beforehand that it is also possible that reservation cannot be accepted.
■ Please request from change / cancellation / communication of change / cancellation / communication menu of reservation.
    (Three information on a confirmation number and an access key mail address is needed.)
■ contact
  1. Please tell us questions other than reservation from the contact of a menu.
  2. (Please also refer to FAQ from a menu.)
■ Free member registration
  1. Prior registration is also possible although member registration can be chosen in the case of reservation.