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[Reservation and registration]

  • ?? Reservation
  • There are two systems of reservation tentative reservation and instancy.
  • ?? Tentative reservation system
  • Transmission of reservation form.
  • I tell acceptance propriety by e-mail.
  • When acceptance is good, it becomes a Confirm reservation by getting a reply.
  • ?? Instant reserving system
  • It is at the transmitting time of reservation form, and becomes a Confirm reservation.
  • (Note) Disclaimer
  • However, at a Ryokan, when you are usually receiving reservation by synchronization from two or more reservation windows and enough reservation of time priority has already occurred, please understand beforehand that it is also possible that reservation cannot be accepted.
  • ?? Change / cancellation / communication of reservation
  • Please request from change / cancellation / communication of a menu.
  • (Three information on a confirmation number and an access key e-mail adress is needed.)
  • ?? Contact
  • Please tell us questions other than reservation from the contact of a menu.
  • (Please also refer to FAQ from a menu.)
  • ?? Free membership registration
  • Prior registration is also possible although membership registration can be chosen in the case of reservation.