Heisei 21, a Zenkoji principle-budda celemonyZenkoji formal HP

A Zenkoji celemony comes to the year of a cow, and the year of a sheep.the principle budda which cannot be worshipped usually -- let the virtuous deed as touching み仏 directly with same a pray being carried out into Hondo, and being able to worship close at hand, and also touching the mass-for-the-dead pillar tied from the hand be an enough.The mass-for-the-dead pillar has been before touched under the porch of abysmal darkness.... It seems that the pillar in which it supports the principle budda, and a mass-for-the-dead pillar are outside.

* the inn and Ryokan of a Zenkoji celemony -- the whom who of search -- comparatively -- traffic -- convenient Spa accommodation was collected.