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The open-air bath of hydrogencarbonate spring + hypercarbia - Ooita Naoiri-cho, Taketa.. Reservation

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a half-agricalture (young master) half-Ryokan (proprietress-to-be) -- almost -- the lodge of self-sufficiency and local supply and local consumption.
A clean guest room.
The pouring gate of a private souce of spring and the Large open bath supplied from the pipe of a bamboo.
The open bath of a seperated and the both hotter souce of spring in a Large open bath and winter are numbed.
He is surprised at the broth of a cooked in a pot which has made the delicate dish to the proprietress-to-be's home-made dish, and the foods of the prejudice of family full force spending time and effort, and they are shiitake Mayo baking and tempura! It is all wonderful.