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The open-air bath of hydrogencarbonate spring + hypercarbia Ooita Naoiri-cho, Taketa

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open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
Spring quality of a hot spring
Nakamuraya open-air bath fountainhead "golden Touji" magnesium_sodium_carbonic acid hydrogen salt spring Digging flow-out-naturally fountainhead: 46.8 ° (Europe) Sodium: 448 mg potassium: 84 mg magnesium: 317 mg calcium: 231 mg soda-water matter ion: 2790 mg total: 5365 mg
Effect of a hot spring
A nervous disease, an arthritic pain, a frozen shoulder, hemorrhoid, and a chronic digestive organ disease
inner bath
Please use a charter bath.
private inner bath
Lodger no charge (one place)
open air bath
Separated by gender
cell-phone area
OK(3 cell-phone) LTE
Lobby possible
Check in hour
Check out hour
pick up
Full equipment
Credit card
Credit Card Payment Not Available.

A Rates and the plan list for stay tentative reservation

booking term
Adult: From the junior high school student from a junior high school student A child is a school child. Infant: Up to a preschooler Child A: A dish is the same as an adult. A Rates is a grown-up 6000 yen tax exception. Infant: With no bedclothes It is no charge when you have no dish.
booking info
The year-ends-and-New-Year-holidays (12 / 27 - 1/3) Bon Festival (8 / 12 - 8/15) is an extra charge. The plan for Taketa-shi petit hot-spring cure experience has the 500 yen transfer at refund per night.
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JR Ooita Station
A bus, Onoya course (about 30 km)

JR Taketa station
Taketa bus (about 15 km)

* Please be sure to ask the latest information.
Fukuoka Hakata leaving at 10:10, Ooita Takeda 13:00, and nagayu nakamuraya arrival 13:30 * It will be Ooita at Takeda 13:30 and Fukuoka Hakata arrival 16:20 at the 13 time of nagayu from nakamuraya. * * Taketa-shi community bus Before [ from - ] Ooita Station, arrival (1) at a nagayu garage Ono rat from - Ekimae, arrival (780 yen) 52 minutes at a nagayu garage * Weekday and Saturday (Sunday and national holiday) Before [ from ] Ooita Station 9:40 (10:40) and 15:20 (16:10) Nagayu from garage 7:23 (8:23) and 13:00 (13:50)
Ooita Expressway
Ooita Mitsuyoshi IC
R442 course, about 30 km

Ooita Expressway
Yufuin IC
A Hiraatsu To spring course, about 30 km

Oita Airport
About 50 km of Ooita Kotus buss
JR Ooita Station

Kumamoto Airport
About 70 km of Kumamoto Airport buss, 2 hours and 17 minutes
JR Taketa station

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