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The hidden hot spring in Mt. Kuju Ooita Kuju-cho, Taketa

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    ~ 新型コロナウイルス感染拡大防止に伴う営業内容の変更について ~


    1. 予約をしていない方
    2. 2週間以内に発熱があった方
    3. マスクをお持ちでない方(マスクは山荘売店内でも購入可能です)
    4. 身分証をお持ちでない方


    1. 受付時間  14:00 から 17:30
    2. 受付時に、宿泊者全員の検温を実施します。
    3. 宿泊者全員の氏名を記入して頂きます。
    4. 身分証明書(運転免許、保険証)の提示を必ずお願いします。


    1. お布団(敷布団、掛布団)はありますが、毛布は置いていません。寒さが心配な方は防寒着をご用意ください。
    2. 只今スリッパを撤去しています。館内移動用の室内用スリッパをご用意ください。
    3. 移動、共有スペースを利用の際には、マスクの着用を必ずお願い致します。


    1. 夕食、朝食については通常通り食堂内で召し上がって頂きます。その際に、席の間隔を一定以上とり、換気も実施致します。
    2. 給湯器の利用は出来ます。ただし、食事時以外でのコップの貸出は致しませんので、マイコップをご持参下さい。
    3. GoToトラベルの適用には、コロナ対策へのご協力と同伴者全員の写真付き身分証明書のご提示、及び住所氏名連絡先のご記入、代表者の給付明細書へのご署名が必要になります。(詳しくは上記リンクからGoToトラベルホームページもご参照ください。)
open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
Spring quality of a hot spring
Simple hot spring: Water-white It is a sulfur smell slightly. Those of an Touji with a flower Sulfuric acid ion 286 mg/L fountainhead temperature: About 45.9 °.
Efficacy of a hot spring
Neuralgia, muscular pain, an arthritic pain, a frozen shoulder, motor palsy, and a joint bruise [ a harden and ] - Break, and they are - chronicity digestive organ disease and recovery from fatigue.
inner bath
Separated by gender
cell-phone area
Check in hour
Check out hour
pick up
public parking
Credit card
Credit Card Payment Not Available.

A Rates and the plan list for stay tentative reservation

booking term
An adult is from a junior high school student. A child is a school child. Infant: Up to a preschooler a dish is the same as an adult With 2 meals a Rates -- Suite: -- 7500 yen single room: -- 7000 yen large room: -- 6500 yen It chooses, when a meal is not needed by a child. Please choose the child A with a meal and bedclothes. With no bedclothes with a meal (a Rates is received separately) With meal-less bedclothes It is no charge when you have no meal bedclothes.
booking info
a Rates -- a:room - b: A meal - etc. -- measure. Special till winter October one day -, and the end of an April Heating expenses of 500 yen per persons are added. alike also in [Hanasansui and a hokkein onsen sanso -- the privilege ] in the case of use by stay -- the accommodation charges in the inn of the 2nd night become an off 500 yen. Reservation reception-office start: 1 Hi of three months ago (example: June 3 / 1 reception-office start) 3/1 of tentative reservation: Even if tentative reservation is carried out at midnight, fax in an office serves as a start at 7:00, and a telephone is started around 8:00. Since the flight to a hokkein office is No. 1 per day, please understand that a reply usually becomes after the next day.
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute

Shinkansen about 4 hours and 52 minutes
Kyudai Line, the Kurume course, limited express about 1 hour and 50 minutes
Bungo-Nakamura station

Bean jam
Nippo Line, about 1 hour and 32 minutes
Oita station
Kyudai Line, limited express about 1 hour and 4 minutes
Bungo-Nakamura station

Bungo-Nakamura station
A Hita bus, Choujyabaru Kujyu trailhead bus stop alighting
An Amagamori root or a Sugamori-goe, on foot 2 hours

The direction of Hakata
It is Expressway very much.
Kujyu IC alighting, about 20 km

The direction of Beppu
It is Expressway very much.
Yufuin IC alighting
R210 and a prefectural road 11 Yamanami expressway course, about 32 km

* Bus * From Choujyabaru, Makinoto arrival Hita bus 0973-72-0528
10:36 shots
The 10:37th place

15:25 shots
The 15:35th place

Kamenoi bus 0977-23-0141
09:08 shots
The 09:19th place

15:30 shots
The 15:41st place

* H18/10 Please be sure to ask a bus company.
Oita Airport
Yufuin - an Oita Airport nonstop high speed bus, about 55 minutes
Yufuin station
Kyudai Line, limited express about 20 minutes
Bungo-Nakamura station
A Hita bus, Choujyabaru Kujyu trailhead bus stop alighting
An Amagamori root or a Sugamori-goe, on foot 2 hours

九州横断バス 震災特別ダイヤ 5/1~暫くの間
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