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- Yamanashi Sutama-cho, Kita-Koma-gun

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[Outline] Kinsentou-YamanashiMasutomi radium Sutama-cho, Kita-Koma-gun
[Reservation] Please ask by telephone directly.
[Business] Closed until further notice.
[One day trip bathing]
[Address] Kita-Koma-gun6722, Obi, Sutama-cho
[Telephone] (0551)45-0211 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
The back built in the four-quarters nature for on foot 3 minutes from the masutomi-radium deepest part and a parking lot is a new building.
The calm guest room in nature and a Touji are enjoyed.
A dish is seven articles, such as an eel, tempura, and sliced raw fish, on that day which is replaced every day.
Two bathtubs of the inner bath of mixed bathing, a souce of spring, and a heating tell an enough, and a sludge tells the abundance of an ingredient.
New building.