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[Outline] Yamanashi Masutomi radium @Sutama-cho, Kita-Koma-gun Several yuyadoes of the leading hot-spring cure medical-treatment spring in the radium content world, and a ravine
[Spring quality] Include boric acid carbonic acid hot brine spring The 40 fountainhead is taking out the radioactivity in which 3 place has a strong enough to 30.8 ° (Kinsentou fountainhead) Masutomi, and temperature is also 30 degrees or more. Remaining 37 places are an average of 17 degrees. Seemingly, radioactivity will also be weak.
[Altitude] About 1100 m, the hot spring in a gorge
[Environment] Nine houses
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] A Mizugaki, Chikaraishi, the Tsusenkyo, Kaiganji and the Masutomi folktale rally of Mt. Kimpu, a Hontani-river ravine, and Benkei
The Characteristic
Kinpo, the hot spring which seethes with the foot of a Mizugaki.The nature of Chichibu-Tama National Park which is in a designated place specially and a Hontani-river ravine and a primeval forest weave can enjoy itself through the four seasons.Especially red leaves are compared also with Oirase.a hot spring -- radium content -- there are many whom whoes by which it is known as the world's No.1, other components come out very abundant, and a hot-spring cure is periodically carried out for disease treatment, especially cancer recurrence prevention.
National [ the 2001 May ] Arbor Day venue.
Emperor-and-Empress attendance is expected.

From Nirasaki and the Masutomi line
They are 2230 m of Mt.Mizugakis to the right, 2598 m of Mt. Kimpu, and the left.

Japanese One Hundred Famous Mountains, Back Chichibu Dominant Peak "Mt. Kimpu"
A primeval forest and the mountain where a shakunage is beautiful.A Gojho-Rock huge in the top is an enough.
From a Mizugaki mountain villa to an about 40-minute Fujimidaira hut -> from there to about 3 hours and a half
Japanese One Hundred Famous Mountains, Mt.Mizugaki
The rocky mountain bristling with the eroded granite.The strange shape of a mountain overwhelms what is seen.
From a Mizugaki mountain villa to an about 40-minute Fujimidaira hut -> about 2 hours and 10 minutes after there
Included boric acid carbonic acid hot brine spring 30.8 ツー (Kinsentou fountainhead)
The 40 fountainhead is taking out to Masutomi the radioactivity in which three places of an enough are strong, and, seemingly, temperature of radioactivity will also be [ remaining 37 places ] weak an average of 17 degrees 30 degrees or more.
Asthma, gastroenteropathy, cancer, liver disease, the rheumatism, neuralgia, diabetes, hemorrhoids, a hysteropathy, oversensitivity to cold, eczema, athlete's foot, a skin disease
Public Bathhouse
The hot spring of Masutomi
By Train
Chuo Line use
Shinjuku station -> Nirasaki station (limited express about 2 hours)
Masutomi hot spring going bus (about 1-hour and 5 minutes) terminal
On foot-from terminal about 8 minutes
By Car
Central high-speed use
O Prefectural road Nirasaki-Masutomi spring about 18-km 25 minutes from Sudama IC
O It is a cross-over Kuromori course (winter is also a passing good and skid necessity) about Nagano-ken Kawaue-mura to the Shinshu Pass.
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