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[Outline] Yamanashi Aoki kosen @Nirasaki-shi A Mt.Houou-three-peaks trailhead, mountains hidden hot spring, wooden effect
[Spring quality] It will be based on the analysis document of an August in Taisho 6. It is tinged with a clouded white for whether being a melanterite spring Few, and is weak acidic no odor. Precipitation of light brown If it becomes hot, it will be the floating matter of light brown. Evaporation residue: 271 mg/L silicic acid: Very small quantity Sulfuric acid: Large-quantity aluminum: Small quantity K: Very small quantity Crawl: Very small quantity Iron: Large-quantity Ca: Very-small-quantity Na: Very-small-quantity fountainhead temperature:
[Altitude] The hot spring of about 1150 m and the Mt. Houou trailhead
[Environment] Isolated lodge
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] The waterfall, the Don-Doco sawa, the Kotake river, the Suntory Hakushu brewing place, and local breweries sake of a South-Alps, a Mt.Houou three peaks (Mt. Jizo, Mt. Kan-non, and Mt. Yakushi), the Amari mountain, obelisk, a goshiki waterfall, the Shiraito waterfall, a phoenix waterfall, and south devotion are seven-wise-men brewing.
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The Characteristic
The history of having been used for the hot-spring cure is among the mineral springs and the Edo last stages which wells up to the trailhead which went down the Don-Doco sawa from the Mt. Jizo obelisk in which two rocks point out a sky in the form where the palm was united, and iron is felt strong.It is the hidden hot spring blessed with the natural environment which it is deeply covered with mixed forest, such as Quercus serrata, a white birch, a hinoki, and also hears the sounds of stream of the Kotake river.It is the hot spring which is used also as a reference point of four tours around a waterfall of a Don-Doco sawa, and Mt.Houou-three-peaks traversing and traversing from the Hayakawa ridge as advance guard Mine of a South-Alps and where the name became known to the mountaineer.The obelisk which projects to a Byakusa is an intense impression.

Mt. Jizo obelisk

Mt. Houou (hundred most celebrated mountains in Japan): The general term of 2780 m of 2764 m of Mt. Jizo, Mt. Kan-non 2840.4m, and Mt. Yakushi.Obelisk can be seen also from the national road No. 20.

South Shoujin-fall

Time of May consecutive holidays

Mt. Jizo to Miyama highest peak Mt. Kan-non, and Mt. Fuji

From obelisk to Kai-komagatake

The enough Don-Doco-sawa Goshikino-taki of difference

The appearance like a guardian deity of children and Don-Doco sawa of Mt. Jizo
* The course which can go by car to a trailhead Aoki kosen, and can carry out the tour of the Mt.Houou three peaks in the shortest distance.
until it receives in Gasteria gracilis var. minima once upon a time -- that's right of the guardian deity of children and thanks of one which I borrowed when I borrowed the guardian deity of children from the mountain and it was blessed with Gasteria gracilis var. minima and which carried out visit-for-thanksgiving mountain climbing with two bodies of the guardian deity of children.It is said that it is called the Don-Doco sawa since the drum was reached with the dondoko bashing at that time.
The tour around a waterfall: The loose ascent along a ravine and its point serve as a steep slope in course thyme to a Minami-shoujinno-taki and a Hououno-taki for about 2 hours, and, as for a Shiraito-no-taki waterfall, 1 hour, a half, and a Goshikino-taki need mountain-climbing equipment for further 1 hour.

Mt.Houou-three-peaks traversing, an Aoki-kosen triangular course
* The course which can go by car to a trailhead Aoki kosen, and can carry out the tour of the Mt.Houou three peaks in the shortest distance.
Aoki-kosen > centrist > Mt. Yakushi hut > Mt. Yakushi (sunrise) > Mt. Kan-non > Akanukizawano-kashira > Mt. Jizo > Phoenix hut > Don-Doco-sawa > Aoki kosen
hiking -- an account -- -> here Mt.Houou three peaks, Mt. Yakushi and Mt. Kan-non, and a guardian deity of children -- a KA mountain and an Aoki kosen
It will be based on the analysis document of an August in Taisho 6.
Melanterite spring
If it is slightly tinged with a clouded white, and it precipitates and weak acidic no odor and light tan become hot, it will be light brown floating matter.
Evaporation residue : 271mg/L
Silicic acid: Microdose, a sulfuric acid:large quantity, aluminum:small quantity, K:microdose, crawl:microdose, an iron:large quantity, Ca:microdose, Na:microdose
Fountainhead temperature:
Cardiopathy, gastroenteropathy, neuralgia, anemia, a gastric ulcer, and a congestion

Public Bathhouse
By Train
Shinjuku -> limited express Azusa 1 [ about ] -- an hour 50 minute -> Nirasaki station
the Nirasaki station -> -- Imperata cylindrica var. major -- a KA mountain sightseeing bus and South-Alps Mt.Houou-three-peaks mountain-climbing bus on a refular route (* certainly operation confirmation 2024 / 4~June suspension) Subscription basis 株式会社茅 KA mountain sightseeing bus 0551-25-6262 about 1 -- taxi from an hour -> on foot 2 minute -> Aoki kosen or the Nirasaki station
By Car
Establishment road (a new whole surface paved road was May opened for traffic on the 15th in 2003)

coming out of the Tokyo -> central way and about 1-hour and 30-minute -> Nirasaki IC->IC, and escaping from a tunnel to the left -- it is right-turn about the national road No. 20 -- immediately -- Kirisawa bridge Higashi-dsume a signal -- left turn and the Kirisawa bridge -- cross-over (signboard of Aoki kosen is enough) -> Kotake -- the interchange which he follows on the riverside -- about 60 minute -> Aoki kosen

The new route of complete pavement is referring to [ here ] the map.

As for the path through a wood of the Kirisawa bridge point, since it is paved, please use here rather than an old road.
株式会社茅 KA mountain sightseeing bus 0551-25-6262
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