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[Outline] Aokikosen-YamanashiAoki kosen Nirasaki-shi
[Reservation] Net tentative reservation
[Business] open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
[One day trip bathing] 7:00-21:00 bathing -- : -- 1000 yen (inclusion of tax)
[Address] Yamanashi Nirasaki-shi Seitetsu-machi Aoki3350
[Telephone] 070-4174-1425 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
[The example of a Rates]
The Characteristic
The inn of the beam and post structure not using a nail.Restoration new building and the symbol round window of the Aoki kosen also left the building for meiji three years as it is in Showa 25, and the present husband uses the mainstay of a thick zelkova, and uses the beam of Matsu for the right man in the right place.The enough was surprise to the inside of what is called remote and quiet natural environment of the Mt. Houou trailhead in this traditional wooden structure.It was like [ shivering ] when the inn built in the midnight in a winter closure and a snow light was seen for the first time.The husband who inherited this building has even a feeling of appreciation.Although a hot spring is water-white tasteless no odor apparently, it is felt refreshed after the taste of the ferruginous spring which became brave when drunk, and a bath, and gets warm with the ultra-red ray effect or a sufficient deeply concerned about.There was the smell of a madam's hand structure rice bran fish preserved in miso in the dining-room of the earthen floor at the time of a supper.

The Omachi Keigetsu which passed the travelogue writer of a meiji and sunray by the tsuta had also left the footprint to this ground.
The hot spring of Aucuba japonica where a sounds of stream from ravine is also considered whether to be Oigawa, and hears a morning glory
Omachi Keigetsu


The mainstay of a zelkova "beam and post structure"

The second floor of the main building

Stay building "Karamatsu"

Wild grass fresh water fish cuisine.
The devised hand structure dish unique to an Aoki kosen.

Roast fish (a sweetfish / landlocked salmon / char dish grilled with salt), wild grass tempura, honewort vegetable with sesame dressing, a vinegared, simmered dishes, pickles (homemade), soup and boiled rice

* Number of articles changes on a budget.

Special dish
: Raw horse meat
  • Meal place: Every morning and evening, a dining-room.
* an overnight stay with 2 meals -- both consumption and bathing tax included
overnight stay with 2 meals 2 persons or more -- 11,000 yen
staying overnight without meals 2 persons or more -- 7150 yen
* One person will raise 2500 yen.
Campsite They are 1 other people of 650 yen.
Indoor Hot Spring
A Separated-by-gender bathroom, Ishiburo.
Bathing: 7:00 to 21:00
Bathing chisel: 1000 yen (inclusion of tax)

Bath structure

Guest Room
A main building, guest room building a "Karamatsu" and a Separate from main "white birch", all the 24 rooms 100 persons accommodation

The guest room on the second floor of the main building

A rest station and an extra large size kotatsu set in the floor
A restroom is rinsing.
tent place Stretch 100. a watering place - flush lavatory full equipment
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
  1. the time of breakfast -- a day -- the day when measure is early -- 6:30 -- 7:30 usually comes.At the time of an early-morning departure, since I will correspond for a rice ball box lunch, please request.
  2. A yukata becomes a charge.Yukata loan: 500 yen
Near Station
JR Nirasaki station -> Yamanashi central traffic bus Aoki-kosen line terminal -> from on foot 2 minutes or, and the Nirasaki station to a taxi
* The bus is not on business this 2020 period.

- Top -Postcode180-0013
2-30-2, Nishi-Kubo, Musashino-shi, Tokyo
Telephone: 070-4174-1425
* The communications tower of DoCoMo was built in the campsite.A telephone call is good to a nearby mountain range.
3350, Seitetsu-machi Aoki, Nirasaki-shi, Yamanashi-ken
Welcome and Send-off
Parking Lot
100 full equipment
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