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Yamanashi Nirasaki-shi

Winter closure:11-16~ Open This Year:4-28~
Spring quality of a hot spring
It will be based on the analysis document of an August in Taisho 6. It is tinged with a clouded white for whether being a melanterite spring Few, and is weak acidic no odor. Precipitation of light brown If it becomes hot, it will be the floating matter of light brown. Evaporation residue: 271 mg/L silicic acid: Very small quantity Sulfuric acid: Large-quantity aluminum: Small quantity K: Very small quantity Crawl: Very small quantity Iron: Large-quantity Ca: Very-small-quantity Na: Very-small-quantity fountainhead temperature:
Efficacy of a hot spring
Cardiopathy, a gastroenteric disorder, neuralgia, anemia, a gastric ulcer, and a congestion
inner bath
Separated by gender
cell-phone area
OK(3 cell-phone) LTE
Check in hour
Check out hour
pick up
Full equipment
tent site
tent place Stretch 100. a watering place - flush lavatory full equipment @800yen /person
booking term
Adult: From a junior high school student Child: Below elementary school Child A (Elementary school): An overnight stay with no meal, :5500 yen with bedclothes (including tax) Child B (a preschool child 3 years old or older): An overnight stay with no meal :3300 yen with bedclothes (including tax) Infant (less than 3 years old): It is no charge when you have no meal-less bedclothes.
booking info
Only staying without meals are accepted. A yukata is not prepared. A toothbrush and a towel will be prepared as amenity.
[Cancellations - Aokikosen]
The date when cancel request received. / The cancelation fee.
No showOn the day
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
Limited express Azusa about 1 hour and 50 minutes
Nirasaki station

Nirasaki station
Yamanashi central traffic bus and Aoki-kosen line about 1 hour From the Nirasaki station to or a taxi
A terminal bus stop, an Aoki kosen
On foot 2 minutes

* As for the bus operation, please ask the latest information. 5 - Saturday, Sunday, the moon and the national holiday at the end of an October, however the following are every day.
4 / 29 - 5/6 The 4th Saturday of a July - the end of an August The 1st Saturday of an October - the end of an October
Establishment road: The paved road was mostly opened for traffic in 2003.
The new route of complete pavement is the reference [ map ] here.
A central way, about 1 hour and 30 minutes
Nirasaki IC

The national road No. 20 Kirisawa bridge Higashi-dsume signal
New root: Since it runs against a gateway-at-the-entrance-to-a-Shinto-shrine Pass course and the Kotake river ravine road. they are left turn and about 15 km (it paves mostly).

National road No. 20 Miyawaki signal
Old road: It is about 12 km (carrying out many [ unpaved ]) to along Omura Mukawa.

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