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[Outline] Shizuoka Kouchi @Shimoda-shi Ryo Oyu, an attractive point enough wooden Sennin-buro
[Spring quality] Weak alkali simple spring Water-white About 54 °
[Altitude] The hot spring of the natural woodland near about 20 m and the sea
[Environment] Isolated lodge
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] A rice plant Ozawa river and Yoshi are a deep pool and the Shimoda aerial ropeway, and the Shimoda park, a perry load, the aquarium in the Shimoda sea, Shirahama and the Tago seashore.
  • Kanaya Kanaya
The Characteristic
The hot spring with abundant hot water quantity which wells ups at the greatest tourist resort in Minamiizu, and the base of a mountain which went into the kita about 3 km from Shimoda.Although it is along a back highway, it is an enough in nature peaceful on the back about a hill at the back.The pleasure of various seamounts is possible at the touch which called it the sweetfish and the trout on the flow rice plant Ozawa river, and called the neighborhood sea fishing in the mouth of a river in a bora and the sea.It plays in the sea and can call it a capital position for feeling refreshed in a mountain.At Taisho's time, the Issen-yu that a bath has been taken for 1 sen is used as the isolated lodge of a kouchi, and two charter baths of a Kanaya Ryokan still now, the "Sennin-buro" which became the wooden bath structure of the national constituency rather than having called it the have good reputation of Shimoda after that is built, and the hot spring of the optimum temperature is overflowing in large quantities a long time ago.The pleasure of the maximum [ seafood / in which the hot spring was also landed with last thing in the Shimoda port / fresh ].

Kanaya Ryokan From a guest room The end of a February

Kanaya Ryokan Pouring gate only for a woman "Manyouno-yu"

From the Shimoda park to the Shimoda portA kouchi is a recess of a mountain of the left back.

Shoin Yoshida's lodge not known in public

Shimoda park
A June and the hydrangea of 3 million flowers seem to be bloom-magnificently mazes.
a weak alkali simple spring -- water-white About 54 ツー
Moral stability, lustrous skin

Otherwise, they are a skin disease, motor dysfunction, rheumatism, the neuroparalysis, neurosis, recovery from fatigue, a chronic digestive disease, etc.
Public Bathhouse
Only for local
By Train
Dancer number use
Tokyo (Ikebukuro and those with the Shinjuku first train) -> a limited express dancer number, a 2-hour and 40-minute -> Rendaiji station

Shinkansen use
Tokyo -> Tokaido Shinkansen, about 50 minute -> Atami ->JR each station 1-hour and 30-minute -> Rendaiji station
Nagoya -> Tokaido Shinkansen, 1-hour and 25-minute -> Atami ->JR each station 1-hour and 30-minute -> Rendaiji station
Osaka -> Tokaido Shinkansen, 2-hour and 25-minute -> Atami ->JR each station 1-hour and 30-minute -> Rendaiji station

Rendaiji station -> on foot 4 minutes
Shimoda station -> taxi 6 minutes, 3 km.
Shimoda station -> bus Matsuzaki and the one for Dogashima, 8 minute -> kouchi alighting
By Car
Yoga I.C.-> Tomei 25 minute 35km-> Tomei Atsugi I.C.-> Odawara-Atsugi Road 25 minute -> Odawara -> R13541 km about 60-minute -> Ito -> R13556 km about 80-minute -> Shimoda

Osaka -> Meishin way about 2 hours -> Nagoya -> Tomei about 2 hours and 40 minutes -> Tomei Numazu I.C.->R13626 km about 45-minute -> Shuzenji -> R136 about 70 minutes, and 47 km -> Shimoda
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