Karasawa photograph digest |Hot springs deep inside Japan

Mt. Yatsugatake noted spring - Nagano Chino

    Japanese home
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  • Although widened a 4-km mountain path at its own expense, grader was covered, the gravel was bound and it became the convenience which is removing the snow, the closed has obtained for midwinter three months.
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  • There is an all-rooms veranda.
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  • The atmosphere of a rock, the bathroom of an ancient cedar (Yaku cedar tree) and the mountain to which it presses and comes, the moss of a top ventilator as for which a feeling of release grows luxuriantly, and a fern cannot be experienced by others.
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  • The fruit wine located in a line with ZURARI and the dried flower whether there will be Sensoku are decorated everywhere, and are whole building aromatherapy.
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  • It is the "lion cooked in a pot" of a dish, a karasawa-kosen have good reputation, and a wild-boar meat specially.
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