Karasawa kousen()[General info-Hot springs deep inside Japan]

Mt. Yatsugatake noted spring - Nagano-ken Chino-shi.. Net reservation point10%

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Spring quality of a hot spring
A mineral-rich sediment precipitates and the carbon-dioxide cold mineral spring fountainhead is [ 11 ℃ of fountainhead ] pure white.
Effect of a hot spring
recovery from fatigue, neuralgia, muscular pain, the arthralgia, the harden of a joint, hemorrhoids, oversensitivity to cold, and a bruise -- breaking -- cascading water hot springs of hypertension, arteriosclerosis, a cut, and about 10 ℃ of burn fountainhead rinsingoneselfwith hot water outside the bath
inner bath
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カーナビで来られると、違う登山口に案内することがよくあります。 唐沢の下に フォレストカントリー倶楽部三井の森(0266‐76‐2300) というゴルフ場があります。 こちらを目指し直進して4キロ先が唐沢鉱泉です。

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Distance km
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Chuo Line
The Chino station alighting Limited express about 2 hours and 20 minutes
Karasawa kousen

Chuo Line
Shiojiri station change
Chuo Line
Chino station Limited express about 2 hours and 30 minutes
Karasawa kousen

Central way
Suwa IC
please pass "the forest in Mitsui" -- about 3 hours.
Karasawa kousen

Central way
Suwa IC
please pass "the forest in Mitsui" -- about 3 hours and 30 minutes
Karasawa kousen

Mt. Yatsugatake traversing way
There are two ways for 1 hour and a half from 2 hours and a Fritillaria camtschatcensis common through Mt. Tengu to the Nishio root.
Karasawa kousen

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