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Sanada families designated house Nagano Yamanouchimachi

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open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
Spring quality of a hot spring
Shibu spring quality is various. Water-white 80 ° Simple spring Water-white 48-93 ° Weak alkali included hot brine spring 62 °, 85 °, and 98 ° A sodium calcium salt ghost, sulfate hot spring, etc.
Efficacy of a hot spring
Neuralgia, rheumatism
inner bath
Separated by gender
private inner bath
Lodger no charge (one place)
cell-phone area
OK(3 cell-phone) LTE
Lobby possible
Check in hour
Check out hour
pick up
Credit card
Credit Card Payment Not Available.

A Rates and the plan list for stay tentative reservation

booking term
Child A: Decrease of number of articles of an adult dish Rateses are 70% of adults. Child B: A supper, breakfast, and 7700 yen with bedclothes, such as Humber Gries (including tax) Infant: A supper, breakfast, and 7700 yen with bedclothes, such as Humber Gries (it is the same as the child B) Infant: Suppers, such as Humber Gries, and breakfast, bedclothes-less 4950 yen Infant: Meal nothing, 3850 yen with bedclothes When you have dish nothing and no bedclothes, it is an admission fee of 1100 yen.
booking info
The difference in a Rates is based on the room and a dish. In all rooms, there is an air conditioner. Same-price-all-the-time Rates In all rooms, there is an air conditioner. A credit card cannot be used. Depending on a day, it cannot be accepted with one person's meal. The Onuma guest room is not offered for general with the building of a meiji for superannuation.
[Cancellations - つばたや旅館]
It depends on the cancel policy of the inn.
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
Nagano station
Nagano Electric Railway (limited express about 40 minutes)
Yudanaka station

Limited Express Shinano
Nagano station
Nagano Electric Railway
Yudanaka station

# from a yudanaka electric railroad bus 10 minutes, and shibu Wago -- under a bridge -- car
Joshin-etsu Expressway
Shinshu Nakano IC

Central way
Osamu Nagano
Joshin-etsu way
Shinshu Nakano IC

Shinshu Nakano IC
6 km of R292 abbreviation

Train Route Finder by Jorudan

Stay review (word-of-mouth communication)

Tsubataya Shibu-onsen Nagano - 2018-12-12 [Pete san]
Our stay at Tsubataya with our family of 5 was truly one of the highlights of our visit to Japan
Our host made us feel very at home making the experience in her very clean and traditional ryokan so much more enjoyable
The onsen was sensational and the traditional breakfast very tasty
We highly recommend this place to anyone


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涸沢岳と新穂高の湯 涸沢・白出沢 春山BCスキー
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