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Open-air bath travel Nagano Yamanouchimachi, Shimo-Takai-gun

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open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
Spring quality of a hot spring
From a jigokudani to hot spring water drawn from the source 59.5 ° A sodium calcium salt ghost and sulfate spring
Effect of a hot spring
Neuralgia, rheumatism, a stiff neck
inner bath
Separated by gender
private open air bath
Lodger no charge (three place -)
open air bath
a mixed bathing open-air bath
cell-phone area
OK(3 cell-phone) LTE
Available at lobby and any room
Check in hour
Check out hour
pick up
Nearest station important point reservation
Full equipment
Credit card
Credit Card Payment Not Available.

A Rates and the plan list for stay tentative reservation

booking term
Adult: From the junior high school student from a junior high school student Child: School child Infant: Preschooler Child A: It is 70% of an adult rate at the time of a content equivalent to an adult. Child B: Child's lunch It bites bedding+2 and is 8000 yen. Infant: With no dish Bedding [ of 1000 yen ] + institution rent of 2000 yen It is 3000 yen at the time of with bedding.
booking info
A Rates is not based on a dish but is based on the room, the occupancy number, a season, or a designated term. Designated term: The consecutive holidays of Golden Week, the Bon Festival, year ends and New Year holidays, a July, an August, a September, an October, and a November Payment cash-at-wish-does.
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Nagano station
Nagano Electric Railway yudanaka (limited express about 40 minutes)

Limited Express Shinano Nagano station
Nagano Electric Railway yudanaka

* Long 電 bus schedule
About 15 minutes after a kanbayashi line yudanaka, kanbayashi alighting
length 電 bus Shiga Heights line ( kanbayashi mouth alighting from * yudanaka)
express bus Shiga Heights going ( kanbayashi mouth alighting from * Nagano station)
* The kanbayashi mouth bus stop of the Shiga Heights line is located on the national road 292, and becomes on foot about 200 m to a kanbayashi bus stop.
Joshin-etsu Expressway
Shinshu Nakano IC

Central way
Osamu Nagano
Joshin-etsu way
Shinshu Nakano IC

Shinshu Nakano IC
8 km of R292 abbreviation

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