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Kumamoto Minamiaso-mura, Aso-gun

    Japanese home
open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
Spring quality of a hot spring
The Touji of a four fountainhead (former jigoku egg jigoku sparrow Touji Arayu) simple acid sulfur spring (hydrogen sulfide type) pH2.60~3.89 fountainhead temperature [ of 41.8-61.0 ° ] natural gush sparrow (fountainhead bathtub)
Efficacy of a hot spring
Neuralgia, rheumatism, diabetes, high blood pressure, a skin disease, womens diseases, muscular pain, gout, etc.
Day trip bathing
400円、3才以上小学生まで200円 8時~20時 休憩室の提供はありません。
booking term
Adult: From the junior high school student from a junior high school student A child is a school child. An infant is less than 3 years old. Child A: At the time of an adult dish Rateses are 70% of adults. Child B: Dish for children Rateses are 50% of adults. Infant: With no bedclothes When you have no meal No charge
booking info
[Ryokan section] Please give me * reservation above 2 persons.
[Cancellations - Seifuso]
It depends on the cancel policy of the inn.
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute

Kagoshima Line
Kumamoto station
Houhi railroad
Tatsuno station
A taxi or a reservation welcome and send-off, about 11 km

Tatsuno station
Minamiaso Tetsudo
Aso Shimoda castle contact Onsen station
A taxi or an omnibus taxi, about 6 km

They are a jigoku and a Taretama hot spring going terminal in the Aso Shimoda castle contact Onsen station to an omnibus taxi. * important point reservation one way of 400 yen 090-4776-7011
* [Aso Shimoda castle contact Onsen from station] 8:00 10:00 13:15 15:15 17:35 * [From seifuso] 8:45 9:45 11:45 13:25 15:55
From the Aso Tatsuno station to a micro welcome and send-off (* important point reservation)
■ Aso Tatsuno from - station, seifuso going 14:35 shots, 17:25 shots ■ From - seifuso, Tatsuno station going 10:00 shots
Kyushu Expressway
Kumamoto IC alighting
R57 and the Aso big bridge course, about 30 km

* All other roots are cross a ridges.
Kumamoto Airport
About 25 km

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