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[Outline] Seifuso-KumamotoJigoku Minamiaso-mura, Aso-gun
[Reservation] Please ask by telephone directly.
[Business] open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
[One day trip bathing] Even the school child of the (Age) above is 200 yen 400 yen3. 8:00 to 20:00 There is no offer of a lounge.
[Address] Aso-gunMinami-Aso-mura Koyo 2327
[Telephone] (0967)67-0005 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
The Characteristic
It comes here in 1 hour from the Kumamoto-shi town, and it is an inn of a hot-spring cure which is not a hidden hot spring.It had the infernal location of a hot spring in the back, and also there is a hot spring of the sparrow of a fountainhead bathtub and it has borne the positive feeling against the words of the husband of the inn which was regarded as seemingly it being a hidden hot spring most, and was visited.the roll in which the class system in connection with use of the hot spring a "rule" was described by the present family head in seven generation and cultural 5 (1808) -- a remain -- it is a historied spa resort.Although the main building guest room of the music store structure of a Structured was mainly a sliding door compartment, naturally it was comfortable here, the floorboard shone for meiji 25~6 years, and it enjoyed a night of traditional spa accommodation for a sense which carried out the time slip.quiet -- the hot spring of a sparrow -- also being soaked -- although it obtained and just it was enough -- the highlight -- the night of the party started since then in the kyokusui hermitage to which collected the old lambers besides a watermill of the Hosokawa family, and seven years were applied and which was completed in only 59.Foods were carried by sea, the furnace was surrounded and it became a night of the agitation at the party of the kyokusui.It seemed that everyone was enjoying the party.It is fresh the natural environment and every morning and evening when three buildings press for a Touji building and Mineyama presses for a Take close at hand night, and a beautiful and clean hot-spring cure like a temporary residence is made to a row-house.The house trailer is also cleaned up and it is recommended at an outdoor family.
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Main building guest room building

Separated-by-gender open-air bath

The hot spring of revenge

A fountainhead bathtub, the hot spring of a sparrow

It is a guest room of a sliding-door compartment here.

Beautiful bedding and amenity

A breakfast smorgasbord is also a furnace and it is a fanny and never seen!

A supper is course selection and breakfast is a smorgasbord.

1. Cooked in a Pot of Wild Boar 2. Pheasant Cooked-in-a-Pot 3. Wild Bird Sunken Hearth Baking 4. Jigoku Cooked in a Pot (+1000 Yen) 5. Seasons-Vegetable Kaiseki-Cuisine (+1000 or +2000 Yen) 6. European Food (Based on +1000 or +2000 Yen * Room Rates)
Meal Place
In the kyokusui hermitages 5.6, the restaurants 3.4 are [ 1.2 ] a kotatsu-set-in-the-floor ceremony single room and a room possible.
Breakfast is a kyokusui hermitage or a restaurant.

Kyokusui hermitage

Night of the party enjoyed with a low charge

Foods carried by sea

The party surrounding a furnace

A photograph is wild bird sunken hearth baking:
a wild boar, a bird, a quail adult bird, Oncorhynchus masou and konnyaku, and dengaku -- a potato, bean curd and green stuff, and the above -- a bamboo skewer and a soup, and pickled vegetables - boiled rice, and a room at dessert and coffee

Jigoku cooked-in-a-pot course:
It adds to main boar stew and they are teppanyaki and plus of 1000 yen at a griddle about a deer, a bird, vegetables, and konnyaku.
* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Indoor Hot Spring
Separated by gender One-day-trip bathing: 8:00 to 21:00, 400 yen, 200 yen with a [ six years ] of of 3 or more years old

A Touji building, the "Take" which adjoins Mineyama night

A clean hot-spring cure, a Take guest room

The rich house trailer in which Mineyama is natural night

The clean house trailer interior of a room

Open-air Bath
A fountainhead bathtub, a mixed bathing open-air bath and a Separated-by-gender indoor hot spring "hot spring of a sparrow"
Field stone bath (men's section of a bathhouse)
Female open-air bath "hot spring of revenge"

The Arayu open-air bath, the man and woman each 1

Family Bath
Two charter baths

Guest Room
Ryokan section:
Ten 30 main buildings and annexes
Touji section:
Twelve four hot springs of five Matsus and a sparrow and Takes
Ten house trailers
300 persons accommodation
Between Nakahiro and a kyokusui hermitage
Frequently Asked Question FAQ about Hot-spring Cure
  1. A hot-spring cure becomes a Take of a row-house ceremony Touji building.
  2. A Rates changes with the number of stays, and seasons and the use numbers.
  3. One night of bathing tax one person of 40 yen
  4. The loan of a heavy outer kimono and a yukata becomes a 200 yen each extra charge at the time of three or more nights.
  5. 500 yen per room per day are received as heating expenses from a November.
  6. Rice cooker, cooked-in-a-pot, YAKAN, cutting board, kitchen knife, and tableware 4 guest's preparation occurs.
  7. Sink, a gas range, a refrigerator, and bedding are in each part store.
  8. You can use cookware, such as pots and pans.
  9. Bring foods and the seasoning with you.
  10. Since a move seller comes at 4:00 in the evening of fire, a Log, and soil, use procurement of foods.
  11. A deposit and a long-term stay ask the settlement of accounts during the morning of day by day [ 5 ] in the case of check-in at the time of one night.
  12. A toilet is not located at a visitor-to-a-hot-spring-resort room.
  13. Reservation is a willing to do from two-month before.
  14. The supper breakfast in the kyokusui hermitage serves as a subscription basis.(However, the reception office after time specification improper and arrival cannot be performed.)Moreover, it cannot accept at the time of rush hours.
Near Station
From the Aso Shimoda castle contact Onsen station to an omnibus taxi
From the Aso Tatsuno station to a micro welcome and send-off
Welcome and Send-off
From the Aso Tatsuno station to a micro welcome and send-off (* important point reservation)
■ The Aso Tatsuno from - station, seifuso going 14:35 shots, 17:25 shots
■ A from - seifuso, the Tatsuno station going 10:00 shots

HOME Seifuso
2327, Kawayo, Minamiaso-mura, Aso-gun, Kumamoto-ken
Telephone: 0967-67-0005
Welcome and Send-off
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