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Straw-thatched-roof spa resort Akita Semboku

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Winter closure:as usual Jan 10~ Open This Year:as usual Jan 17
Spring quality of a hot spring
Simple hydrogen sulfide spring Acid sulfur spring 82 ° Clouded white (Touji of alkalinity [ kuroyu ])
Effect of a hot spring
High blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, peripheral circulatory disturbance and a rheumatic disease, motility disturbance, diabetes, chronic toxicosis, chronic eczema, a wound, a frostbite and infertility


booking term
Adult: From the junior high school student from a junior high school student When a child takes a meal Child A: A dish is the same as an adult. A Rates is 6300 yen.
booking info
a hot-spring cure Rates -- gas existence bedclothes etc. -- measure Season: GW 7-October Separate bedclothes are five guests (to 5 persons). Self-cooking Corner room 14 24 28 No. 21 Same-price-all-the-time Rates Ryokan part: Touji-part: An overnight stay with no meal, with bedclothes From about 3500 yen (It is based on gas, bedclothes, etc.) An overnight stay with 2 meals and a meal place are main buildings every morning and evening. One person appearance plus hot-spring-cure equipment of 6532 yen: With [ a common kitchen, a refrigerator (smallness) and gas facilities, a gas-rate included rice cooker, cookware, a pots-and-pans cutting board kitchen knife, and the room with a plate loan ] a refrigerator and no television Please bring a seasoning, foods (please cut down the raw food), chopsticks, a bowl, and a towel washing set with you. Yukata rental towel toothbrush set check-in of 500 yen of 300 yen Checkout: Check-in 15:00 checkout 9:30
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Akita Shinkansen Line Komachi, the fastest about 3 hours
Tazawako station
Bus about 50 minutes for mammillary line Nyuto Spa, a bus terminal

* The pick-up bus is connecting.
Urawa IC
A northeast way, about 7 hours
Morioka I.C
The R46, about 1-hour and 30 minutes, and Nyuto Spa 田 沢湖 Heights holiday camp right-turn

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  • Kuroyu

    Postcode014-1201SembokuTazawako Obonai Aza Kuroyuzawa 2-1
    (0187)46-2214 FAX:(0187)46-2280
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