Hotel Chinohate Iwaobetsu[General info-Hot springs deep inside Japan]

The hidden hot spring of the farthest limit - Hokkaido Shari-cho, Shari-gun

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Winter closure:as usual Jan 01~ Open This Year:as usual Jan 30 *
Spring quality of a hot spring
Hot brine spring: It is [ water-white ] a saline taste slightly. Fountainhead temperature: About 60 ℃.
Effect of a hot spring
Neuralgia, rheumatism, etc.


Distance km
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute

JR Senmou Line
JR Shiretoko-shari station
The Shari bus Shiretoko line, a tour bus (tour bus a number although it is large a hot spring course one No. 2 per day),
Hotel Chinohate

A utoro, Shiretoko Nature Center, an iwaobetsu course, about 45 km
Hotel Chinohate

* By plane
Memanbetsu airport
The Abashiri bus, the Okhotsk Shiretoko line, about 2 hours and 15 minutes, or the Shari bus
Utoro terminal alighting
The Shari bus, the Shiretoko tour bus
Hotel Chinohate

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