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[Outline] Yamanashi Shimobe @Shimobe Onsenkyo Yugi-cho The hot spring resort of a ravine
[Spring quality] Simple alkaline spring Water-white
[Altitude] About 550 m, the hot spring of a mountain village
[Environment] About thirty houses
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] The village, the Monzaike house, the Yunooku stone pavement, Yunooku Yamakami, the Yunooku gold mine, and Mt. Kenashi of a firefly
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The Characteristic
A hot spring resort stands in a row long and slender along a lower river.A wooden Ryokan remains in the deepest part and it gives the countrified hot spring sentiment in it.It is told that Shingen Takeda cured the wound in the battle of Kawa-Nakajima, especially a cut and the sequela of fracture have an effect, and there are many visitors to a hot-spring resort.Although it can escape from a summer to Shizuoka by the Yunooku path-through-a-wood pass over, the nature of it which has little traffic is left behind. [ rich ]a gun -- the wild boar driven off to inside had also been to the Ryokan town -- an enough.

It is an upper stream a little than a lower river and a hot spring resort.Landlocked salmon fishing is prosperous.An about 2 more km upper stream is Yunooku.

Yunooku swarm

a simple alkaline spring -- water-white
The rheumatism, neuralgia, a burn, a cut, after-operation medical treatment
Public Bathhouse
Shimobe hall Adult \300
By Train
Shinjuku station -> Chuo Line, a limited express about 1-hour and 40-minute -> Kofu station -> Minobu Line express train 50-minute -> lower station

Tokyo -> Tokaido Shinkansen (65 minutes) -> Mishima -> main-Tokaido-line express train 25 minutes -> Fuji station

Nagoya -> Shinkansen -> Shizuoka station -> main-Tokaido-line express train 30 minutes -> Fuji station -> the Minobu Line express train 70 minutes -> lower station
By Car
Shinjuku -> central way -> Kawaguchiko IC-> Lake Motosu course (about 45 km)

Tokyo -> Tomei Expressway -> Fuji IC-> Lake Motosu course (about 80 km)

Nagoya -> Tomei Expressway -> Shimizu IC-> Minobu course (about 60 km)
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