Sakeishi photograph digest [Hot springs deep inside Japan]

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The path through a wood on the altitude (center of a photograph) of about 1900 m and the hilly country "Daibosatsu Pass" popular with a hiker which Mt. Fuji and a South-Alps can command a whole view of from the Yanagisawa Pass (1472 m), and a sakeishi hot spring is winter traffic stop.
There are Shingen Takeda's prayers-for-victory temple, "cloud Minedera", the Takeda banner "Furin-Kazan", the oldest Rising-Sun flag in Japan, etc.
"Erin-ji" where a dry landscape garden is famous.
a Unposo souce of spring, the alkali simple spring of PH9.9 tasteless no odor, and the soft water felt somewhat sweet -- it was accepted and was a delicious hot spring
It is an open air bath of a dry river bed to Uono River, the Nakatsugawa ravine under a small fish Kawai style dot, and a right hand.
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