Akaishi(Yamanashi) |Hot springs deep inside Japan

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  • The view of Mt. Fuji from the quiet hidden spring in the Togawa ravine uppermost stream part, and the neighborhood.
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  • The promenade concerning the Togawa ravine and three steps of waterfalls.
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  • 20 m of difference, a Myourenno-taki, on foot 10 minutes.
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  • It is Ayame gregariousness of the 1 or 30 million bloom East to a middle of the month [ of a July ], and iris Heiichi belt.
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  • If 2052 m of Mt. Kushigata and the Maruyama path through a wood are used, the winter which is about 200 m of difference in elevation and about 1 hour can view a half, a South-Alps, and Mt. Fuji from a foot trailhead for 2 hours,
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