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[Outline] Yamanashi Akaishi @Masuho-cho, Minami-Koma-gun The hidden hot spring isolated lodge of the Mt. Kushigata foot which meets Mt. Fuji
[Spring quality] Acid iron spring Rust color
[Altitude] About 800 m, the hidden hot spring in a gorge
[Environment] Isolated lodge
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] The Togawa ravine, a Myourenno-taki, the Maruyama path through a wood, Maruyama, Mt. Kushigata, blue flag common and the Ina ヶ lake
The whole company of a mountain group who faces across Fujikawa, stands face to face against Mt. Fuji, and rises high over the east of a South-Alps, the mineral spring of the Mt. Kushigata foot.From foot Hirabayashi, Mt. Fuji is expected to the front, and the Togawa ravine flows through the side of an inn calmly, and is visible to a peaceful hot spring apparently.However, if you walk along a ravine from a hot spring for 10 minutes, the waterfall of the size 48 will be made, and the Togawa ravine which flows and falls at a stretch from Mt. Kushigata also shows the violent nature associated also with a South-Alps (connected with a Mt.Houou three peaks, a Yashagami, and a Kushigata from a Mt.Kaikomagatake).It is the hot spring which occupies this nature and which exists also enviably.In the Maruyama path through a wood and mountaineer who can enjoy a South-Alps and the powerful view of Mt. Fuji, Mt. Kushigata, an iris common, etc. are recommendation.Components, such as a mining drilling system, iron, aluminum, and a sulphate, projected the hot spring (mineral spring), and it was afflicted by cauterization, and the water running of the fountainhead was carried out and it is used.When drunk (a drink spring is improper), it was astringent, and alum spring + metallic taste was peculiar.

From the Togawa ravine lower stream to an Akaishi (center)

From Hirabayashi to Mt. Fuji

From the tea stall path through a wood of a pond to a South-Alps

The promenade which starts three steps of waterfalls

The Few from a hot spring, or 10 minutes and three steps of waterfalls

20 m of difference, "Myourenno-taki" on foot 10 minutes

Fountainhead temperature: 12.6 ツー pH2.2
An acid iron-sulfate spring, a rust color

An Akaishi, an indoor hot spring

Mt. Kushigata:
- Himuro Jinja to the Minamio root mountain trail is common.
- When the Maruyama path through a wood - the tea stall path through a wood of a pond are used, they are about 200 m of difference in elevation, and about 1 hour.Winter is 2 hours and a half from a foot trailhead.A South-Alps and Mt. Fuji can be viewed.
hiking -- account: -- Mt. Kushigata, an Akaishi iris common - a Mt. Karamatsu - 100 peaks and spring Japan

It is a good location to see about Mt. Kushigata (2051.7 m) to a South-Alps.

Middle-of-the-month iris [ of a July ] common circumference: Iris gregariousness of the 1 or 30 million East

Gastroenteropathy, oversensitivity to cold, neuralgia
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