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[Outline] Wakayama Ryujin @Ryujin-mura, Tanabe He is surprised at an as smooth as boiled egg 3 [ Japanese ] beautys Touji, and in the next morning, and it is a ground of an unexplored region.
[Spring quality] Soda water matter sodium salt spring (Sodium-Hydrogen-Carbonate spring) 48 ° Water-white
[Altitude] About 600 m, the hot spring in a gorge
[Environment] About ten houses
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] The waterfall and Omangafuchi of a waterfall, Onsen-ji, the Komoriya ravine nature trail, and a white-slow-stream red slow stream of Gomadan-zan, Koyasan, the Hidaka-gawa ravine, Onsen-ji, the Minase shrine, a Tenchugura, and a mandala
  • Arinokiya Arinokiya
The Characteristic
It is the hot spring of the deepest part and a mountains national road which wells ups to an enough unexplored region previously also in Kii Peninsula and Wakayama-ken which were blessed with the altitude of about 600 m, and nature.It is like [ which was loved as "3 / Japanese / beauty's hot spring" along with Gumma Kawanaka and Shimane Yunokawa, and was surprised at the as smooth as boiled egg of the day following myself ].Therefore, it is an emotional hot spring resort, being on the ground which it is popular, and there is 1300 years of history, and is called unexplored region.It is in the foot of a mountain of the prefectural highest peak "1376 m of Gomadan-zan", and ayu fish angling and a branch are prosperous in red-spotted trout fishing in Hidaka-gawa.Rhododendron metternichii var. pentamerum was in all glory in [ brilliant ] on the Komoriya nature trail to the Omangafuchi.
Please go out via Gomadan-zan together with the Koyasan visit.

The Koya ryujin skyline became no charge.
It visits for the second time solemnly via Koyasan of 2010/11/27, and night.

A wooden yuyado is a remain.

"The Komoriya ravine, the waterfall of a white slow stream"

Rhododendron metternichii var. pentamerum is a ridge before a slow stream in the middle of an April.


Powder was thrown away into the white slow stream, they threw away rouge into the waterfall of a red slow stream, and the postmortem of a Taira no Koremori and the lover Oman threw themselves into the slow stream.
Komoriya ravine nature trail: It can go back and forth to an Omangafuchi in about about 2 hours.
Soda water matter sodium salt spring (alkaline spring) 48 ツー Water-white

It is a good-location-to-see Arinokiya open-air bath about a ryujin river.

Neuralgia, gastroenteropathy, a stiff neck, lustrous skin, a burn, and a cut

Arinokiya Pouring gate

Public Bathhouse
A former hot spring, the adult of 600 yen, the lodger of 450 yen
By Train
Shin-Osaka -> JR Kisei Line limited express, an about 2-hour and 20-minute -> Kii-Tanabe -> ryujin going bus, about 1 hour and 50 minutes, terminal alighting (a bus is connected with a limited express)

Koyasan -> from an April to the bus via the Koya ryujin skyline, 2 per day, and the end of a November
By Car
Pine-covered area IC-> Hanwa Expressway and a Nankai-Yuasa road, an about 100 km-> Arita IC-> prefectural road Gobo Miyama line, abbreviation 90km 90 minute
Arita IC->R424

Koyasan -> the Koya ryujin skyline, 60 km of abbreviation via Gomadan-zan

* The mountains national road R425 from Nara and Totsukawa is narrowed many [ fall accident ], and is careful of the whom who along which it passes.
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