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[Outline] Tottori Iwai @Iwami-cho, Iwami-gun A retro hot spring, suitable temperature free-flowing hot-spring water
[Spring quality] Include calcium-sulfate gypsum spring: Water-white About 50 ° of fountainhead.
[Altitude] The furuyu which wells ups to 10 m of divisors, and a natural woodland
[Environment] Several affairs
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] A Mt.Ougino-sen, an Ametaki waterfall, a Hako-daki, a Kawaidani Heights, a Mt.Hino-sen, an Touji shrine, Uradome-kaigan and Tottori sand dunes, the white rabbit seashore
The Characteristic
They are the foot of north-northwest of the Mt.Ougino-sen and Mt.Hino-sen mountain system which stands in a row on the Tottori Hyogo-ken border, a nearby of a Ganou river, and a hot spring of a peaceful natural woodland.It seems that it becomes a below hot enough spring since the hot spring was carried with the bucket the oldest furuyu in San-in it is reported that is a Jyougan first year Founded or started to use this hot spring, and a long time ago, and the yukamuri song which keeps time with a dipper spontaneously began from taking a long bath there.(Present pipe piping, suitable temperature fountainhead free-flowing hot-spring water : flower shop) It is a ground of "being a noted beach to a noted fall and the sea in a mountain", and the circumference of a Kawaidani Heights can enjoy a noted fall at the beginning of the 100th elections of a Japanese waterfall "Ametaki waterfall", and "Matsushima's being Matsushima and a Uradome's being a Uradome" and composed Uradome-kaigan have moving Touson Shimazaki.It is the best place in this Banaka of the gustation Matsuba clab of winter, and the amount of landing of the Amishiro and Tago both fishing ports in Iwami-cho occupies 70 percent of Tottori Prefecture.

If a wooden attractive point enough inn focuses on this corner and also serves as night, peculiar hot spring sentiment is brewed.

Observatory at Uradome-kaigan

Uradome-kaigan promenade (being a car 10 minutes): Ajiro port, about 10 minute -> Sengan-Matsushima, about 20 minute -> lighthouse, and about 20 minute -> observatory-Kamogaiso seashore-Tajiri One way of about 3 km, course of 1.5 hours.
Uradome-kaigan -- a tour of islands -- sightseeing boat: -- the tour of islands for about 40 minutes after the Ajiro port Kutsui big bridge.Period: 3/1 - the end of a November.
Tottori sand dunes (being a car 15 minutes):
Ozaki Midori: The Iwami-cho native, the writer that appeared like a comet in early stages of Showa.The masterpiece "Daishichikankaihoukou" impressed Kiyoteru Hanada and the continuing "Koorogijyo" was extolled by Dazaiosamu.
The 100th elections of a waterfall, an Ametaki waterfall: By passing along a circumference noted fall from a bumping post about 10 minutes to an Ametaki waterfall, and passing along a Nunobikino-taki top in the direction of a Mt.Ougino-sen to a Hako-daki, although it is powerful, unless it carries out a cross over a river in the basin of a waterfall, it does not come out to the front for about 30 minutes.Since it slides, it is careful!
Mt.Ougino-sen : It is a good location to see about about a little less than 2 hours, those with a top blame hut, and the Sea of Japan and Daisen in the Hyogo-ken border and a Kawaidani path-through-a-wood trailhead to a beech forest.The signboard of bear cautions.
Included calcium-sulfate gypsum-fibrosum spring: Transparency and colorlessness, about 50 ツー of fountainhead.
Chronic articular rheumatism, neuralgia, a neuritis, and a chronic gynecological disorder
Public Bathhouse

A yukamuri hot spring, adult of 200 yen H14.4.It is [ each other ] crowded from the evening.
By Train
Hiroshima -> Shinkansen about 1 hour -> Okayama
Tokyo -> Shinkansen about 3 hours -> Osaka

Okayama -> limited express Inaba about 2 hours and 30 minutes -> Tottori
Osaka -> Super Hakuto (Chizu express train) about 2 hours and 30 minutes -> Tottori

Tottori -> JR San'in Line Iwami station, an about 25 minute -> Kabura-shima / Hase bridge going bus, and 7 minutes -> iwai
By Car
Hiroshima -> China way -> Tsuyama IC->R53->R9, about 4 hours and 30 minutes
Okayama ->R53->R9, about 3 hours and 30 minutes
Osaka -> China way -> Fukusaki IC->R312->R9, about 3 hours and 30 minutes
Kyoto ->R9, about 4 hours
Tottori -> about 30 minutes -> iwai

Tottori Airport -> A taxi and about 25 minutes -> iwai
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