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The third floor spa accommodation of wooden - Tochigi Nasushiobara

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[Outline] The third floor spa accommodation of wooden Katoya-TochigiItamuro Nasushiobara
[Reservation] Net tentative reservation
[One day trip bathing] Improper
[Address] NasushiobaraItamuro 859
[Telephone] (0287)69-0201 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
[The example of a Rates]
The Characteristic
The appearance which three 3 stories of wooden includeds are built, and is located in a line has left the image of the posting station of the highway in Aizu.It is the suitable environment for hot-spring cure rest in which Yugawa which cleared up the back flows, a wren flies, and char swims and which was drawn on the picture.When the bath of the annex at new fountainhead was obtained, when the smell of a hot spring and the fresh feeling to touch hot water were very pleasing and spoke, the conventional fountainhead was very tepid, and it was able to recommend bathing after summer comes.interest being aroused very much by this warm water, and swelling an image -- a visited again, what, and an entrance -- "-- it is a very tepid hot spring.Please be careful. It was written as ".Although the hot spring around 37 degrees was tepid to be sure and was bathing for about 1 hour, it did not sweat.However, the body of an after bathing did not cool down for a long time, but it realized the effect of the hot spring.It is supposed that it is good for neuralgia, rheumatism, and high blood pressure, and in a main building, there are hot-spring cure rates of 2 yen [ 5000 ] with a [ one night ] of of seven or more nights, and we recommend you a long-term hot-spring cure.Main building inside of a hall has the effect of a genuine article instead of the directed refinement to which nature and brightness are released by merely cleaning.What most pleasing may be this nature of the back of an inn.
* I have stopped the business of a main building temporarily.

Wooden [ 3 stories of ], dignity of an old-established store

Entrance cashier

The salon facing Yugawa

The gentleman under hot-spring cure which relaxes in a salon.

Main building: Daily hot-spring cure box valve.
annex: -- a daily hot-spring cure -- a dinner tray.

Meal place: All the room foods.

The example of main building box Benichi

Although it is a hot-spring cure dish of moderate eating, the foods considered healthily are used and the Japanese pumpkin of a curry flavor, the salad of a sweet potato, and the meatball of a rough grounded are pleasing.Seasoning of simmered dishes was good, and the sweet potato and taro which were cut greatly entered with a rumble, thought that volume was also unexpected, and received them deliciously with fresh string beans.* A menu changes every day.
* Since a main building carries the dish cooked in the annex, it will cool down to some extent.

An annex becomes hot-spring cure Zen and also changes number of articles by a Rates.
* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Indoor Hot Spring
A main building and an annex are Separated by genders each 1 (44.9 ツー fountainhead).
It is non-[ non-heating / 100% of fountainhead ] water-running free-flowing hot-spring water altogether.

One-day-trip bathing: Improper

Main building indoor hot spring

A back bathtub is small, a hot spring wells ups from a devided into cube and a bottom, and the main building indoor hot spring can enjoy a fresh feeling to touch hot water which is soaked in rinsingitselfwith hot water outside the bath.

it is a massage to a hot-spring uphill -- pleasing .

Charter Bath
It is the warm water 1 (38.7 ツー fountainhead) to an annex.

Cascading water hot springs, a charter family bath (warm water)


Annex complete view

Entrance hall

Guest room

Guest Room
Main building: 12 rooms 27 persons
Annex: 58 rooms, ten inner with toilets 129 persons

Main building guest room

a yukata and a heavy outer kimono - towel

A main building, a relaxation salon and a free massage installation room
An annex, a hot-spring uphill parlor and books and a stretch room
Near Station
Kuroiso station
Tochigi-ken Itamuro
Katoya Ryokan
- Top - Tochigi-ken itamuro
Telephone (main building): 0287-69-0306
Telephone (annex): 0287-69-0201
Welcome and Send-off
Parking Lot
Full equipment
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