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Historically noted mountain spring - Tochigi Nasu Oku-Nasu sandogoya

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[Outline] Historically noted mountain spring Daikokuya-TochigiSandogoya Nasu Oku-Nasu sandogoya
[Reservation] Net tentative reservation
[Business] Winter closure:11-26~ Open This Year:4-28~
[One day trip bathing] improper
[Address] Sandogoya-onsen Oku-Nasu Nasu-gun
[Telephone] 090-1045-4933 [Telephone] 0287-74-2309
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
[The example of a Rates]
The Characteristic
The inn followed with the history of a sandogoya.The main building rebuilt in Boshin war in meiji 2 disappearance and next year can see the forcibleness and the tradition which it came for a black pillar, a beam, etc. to the snowstorm in about 130 at all.Moreover, it serves as a brilliant building which adhered to wooden and harmonized with the scene of the mountain until Large repair in recent years also results in a sliding shutter or a railing.The kotatsu set in the floor of the bathtub of the countrified Log structure, stone bath and a clean Touji, and a cashier was also a feel-comfortable thing.Lights are a lamp, a naked light bulb of a home generation of electricity, and 9:00 putting out lights.

* Winter (from a December to a March) carries out the closed also of closure and the year ends and New Year holidays.

H 18-year April 14 days, a visited again

New building

Enough living room of a kotatsu set in the floor.

The inn of a lamp, 9:00 putting out lights.

Dishes of wild plants, such as a fresh article and a wild banboo sprout, stored goods, etc. which carry out a load raising on once people's back for a week.
* No Additive is Used.

Handmade very delicious delicate dishes, such as yam fly broth, a mushroom herring, simmered dishes, a konnyaku salad, bean curd soup, and a dessert.
* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Indoor Hot Spring

Wooden bath structure, the bathtub of a Log structure

Stone bath

The bathtub and stone bath of a Log structure.Man-and-woman 1-hour shift operations
* One day trip bathing is impossible.
"A spa vacation makes ten days a one cycle, and it will carry out the cure, even if they will be 32 sorts of illnesses, what kind of other serious illnesses, and an incurable illness, if the double and a 20-day spa vacation are carried out."
* Hand down at the time of hot spring discovery, and quote from a sandogoya magazine.
Being Enough Question (FAQ) Well
  1. Check-in 2:00PM checkout 8:00AM
  2. When arrival becomes slow, I ask connection of an inn.
  3. A mobile phone cannot be used.The telephone of an inn becomes satellite carrying and is about 10 yen in 7 seconds.
  4. The satellite public telephone of an inn is one telephone call of 200 yen.
  5. Reservation telephone-at-wish-does directly.(Inn direct communication: 09010454933)
  6. Neither a shampoo nor soap can be used.
  7. There is no offer of amenity etc.
  8. Since a bath towel is not attached, bring it with you.
  9. Since a yukata becomes for the whom whoes of a continuous stay at the time of rush hours, bring clothes if it is one night, when you will sleep, the washing implement, etc. with you.
  10. A bath becomes for every hour by man-and-woman shift operations.
  11. As for breakfast, 7:00-7:30, and a supper become at the 17:30 times.
  12. You can request to change a breakfast to a box lunch.But the time to prepare is 6:30 or later.
  13. The daytime box lunch of 500 yen is a willing to do separately.the time to prepare is 6:30 or later.
  14. A wall outlet is not in the room.
  15. The wall outlet of an inn is based on a situation due to a dynamo.
  16. A toilet is a Japanese style flush.
  17. Since a lamp goes out at putting-out-lights 9:00, head-lamp-bring with you.
  18. Cancellation charge will generate and charge only On-the-day cancellation of 3000 yen.
  19. Give me connection of cancellation by 20:00 of the previous day by telephone directly.* Telephone : please do not use the 090-1045-4933 (7:00AM-20:00PM * night power supply OFF) * contact form.
  20. Waiting for cancellation cannot be accepted.
  21. Winter carries out the closed also of closure and the year ends and New Year holidays.
  22. A prefectural parking lot is upwards as 100m of the foot-of-a-mountain station of a ropeway (summer * winter is from a lower Oomaru), and its Minenochaya course is common from there.Reference: Mt. Chausu and a sandogoya (Administrator) * Minenochaya are the Passes between Mt. Chausu and the brink.
  23. One person's stay is also accepted.
Guest Room
28 persons [ 80 ] (single room use)

Single room

A beautiful and warm feather quilt, a sheet

* A yukata will prepare at those who stay in more than a continuous stay.


A drying room and a new-building flush lavatory

Nearest Station
The foot station bus stop of the Nasu aerial ropeway, on foot about 2 hours.
Parking Lot
The Nasu aerial ropeway top, a prefectural parking lot (no charge).On foot about 1 hour and 40 minutes
- Top -
Nasu-gun, Tochigi Oku-Nasu sandogoya

Indoor-Hot-Spring Ryokan Daikokuya

(1) Reservation private telephone (8:30 - weekday 18:30) : 0287-74-2309
(2) Local satellite telephone : 090-1045-4933
* Please ask a satellite telephone about the inquiry during Saturday, Sunday, and a national holiday, the last (less than three days) reservation, and the situation of a spot.
(3) Winter information (when not leading to the above 1.2) : 0287-63-2988
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