Sandogoya photograph digest [Hot springs deep inside Japan]

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1896 m of Mt. Asahi and here to the sandogoya seen from the prefectural parking lot of an in no time from a foot-of-a-mountain station is Minenochaya cross-over and on foot about 2 hours.
It is Mt. Asahi to Mt. Chausu and the right in Osamu Nasu in the middle of an April, Minenochaya this side, and the left.
1917 m of Mt. Nasu dominant peaks "tea-grinding mortar Dakeyama top" counted by Japanese one hundred famous mountains, the volcanic fumes of a Minenochaya to the about 30-minute Mt. Chausu Nishiyama stomach,
(Hydrogen sulfide gas and approaching are dangerous) If you follow a blame hut and the lignosa belt of a brown birch to the mountain range of the direction of a sandogoya, and the lower right from a Minenochaya, it turns around a central mountain to the right and it is crowded, it is to Sandogoya Onsen.
As a global peace Shoukannon and height bronze bronze finish of 25 m, it is the world's No.1.
  • 2022-06-28(Tue)