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Folk-traditional delicious food - Nagano Matsumoto

    Japanese home
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  • Wooden [ 3 stories of ], the lodge of the folk traditional of sukiya-zukuri which faced as the town of a Shiraito-no-yu.
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  • The rock garden of the dry landscape garden style and the paper-covered lamp shade are arranged everywhere.
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  • [ "while / Katsura /" ] a wooden floor with a sunken hearth makes the living room of an old family consider, the guest room is built with the idea from which each is different.
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  • The local breweries sake and wine which were selected carefully have also mainly arranged the creation dish of the restaurant and the husband, and optimum for the reception to the more important one.
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  • The private bath of a hinoki is also an enough to the next door where the Large bathroom where the yuya of Kiso 5 tree was constructed, and the open bath are put side by side.
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