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- Nagano Komoro-shi

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[Outline] Takamine-Nagano Komoro-shi
[Reservation] Please ask by telephone directly.
[Business] open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
[One day trip bathing] Touji adult of 500 yen of a lamp Child of 400 yen 11:00 to 14:00
[Address] Komoro-shiTakamine Heights 704-1
[Telephone] (0267)25-2000 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
The Characteristic
The altitude of 2000 m, the isolated lodge representing Nagano of a height hot spring.ASAMA2000 skiing ground It is in a location like the top of the folding screen which overlooks the back of the 4th ski slope, and the town in Komoro, and the view from inside of a hall or the circumference is wonderful.And one forests are separated from the ski slope, there is no touch called the inn of a skiing ground, and it is touch called the inn of the entrance of a backcountry.The nature of the Heights stroll from spring, an astronomic observation, the skiing (free rental) along which winter walks, and the four seasons can be enjoyed.The bath which the hydrogen sulfide odor which can do the coldness-and-warmth contrast bath carries out is also pleasing.

Complete view

An independent natural gas heater.

Nature groups, such as a snowshoes trekking and cross-country skiing, are the observation meetings of an astronomic observation, etc. the mainstream and night.
Wild-grass-and-water-fish-for-main home-made dish
Hand-made buckwheat noodles of 100% of buckwheat flour, important point reservation with the number of limitation.
* an overnight stay with 2 meals -- both consumption and bathing tax excluded
2 persons of 13,000 yen/14,000 yen/15,000 yen
3 persons of 12,000 yen/13,000 yen/14,000 yen
A Rates is based on the view of the one-room use number and the room.
* All-rooms irrigation with toilet
Indoor Hot Spring
Only for a lodger Takamine's hot spring (man), hot spring of the four seasons (woman)

The wonderful view from Takamine's hot spring

One day trip bathing is possible. Hot-spring adult 500 円 子供 of 400 yen of a lamp AM 11:00 to PM 2:00
Guest Room
22 rooms, 16 rooms [ one ]
* All-rooms irrigation with toilet
A closed parlor "morning mist", the hand-made buckwheat noodles of 100% of buckwheat flour (reservation will-take limited article)

From an observation room, little bird watching, such as a Kogara-litle-wild-bird Shijyukara azure-winged magpie, can be enjoyed.

Near Station
From a Shinkansen Sakudaira station, it is JR bus and is about 1 hour.
* When a bus is well transferred from Sakudaira, they are only 2 hours and 40 minutes from the Tokyo station.

- Top - Komoro-shi, Nagano, 384-0041 takamine Heights
Telephone 0267-25-2000 FAX 0267-22-5331
Welcome and Send-off
A snow car meets to Asama 2000 skiing ground in winter.
Parking Lot
Full equipment 25 sets
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