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[Outline] Nagano Takamine @Komoro-shi The high ground 2000, the hidden hot spring of a Heights
[Spring quality] Calcium Magnesium Carbonic acid hydrogen salt spring Takamines Touji
[Altitude] The altitude of 2000 m, the hot spring of a Heights
[Environment] Isolated lodge
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] A takamine Heights, the Takamine mountain, and the Ikenotaira marsh
  • Takamine Takamine
The Characteristic
The hot spring of the mountain which seethes with the altitude of 2000 m, and the Asama-yama foot.It is a place which can enjoy the stroll of a Heights comparatively freely in the nature the takamine Heights was [ nature ] extensive.An enough and a component also have a clouded white and slightly deep hydrogen sulfide odor, and the fountainhead which seethes with a takamine ravine is estimated as precious spring quality.It is an enough hot spring at the deepest part of ASAMA2000 skiing ground.Since between a Kurumazaka Pass - a Takamine Onsen stops service in winter, a chair lift is transferred or meeting of a snow car is used.

The Takamine Onsen of winter.

It appeared in the antelope or the Chougenbou-falcon and encountered them.

"Asama-yama" * photograph inn

Heights of summer * photograph inn

The trekking course which continues from an inn.

Calcium, magnesium, a hydrogencarbonate spring

Takamine's hot spring
Diabetes, gout, liver disease, etc.
Public Bathhouse
One day trip bathing possible
By Train
Tokyo -> Shinkansen -> Sakudaira station -> JR bus about 1 hour
JR bus
From Sakudaira 8:40, 12:15 (only summer), 14:10
From takamine 10:30, 14:00 (only summer), 15:50
By Car
Tokyo -> Joshin-etsu Expressway -> Komoro IC -> about 10 km, Saku IC -> about 18 km
Takamine Onsen: 0267-25-2000
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