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Steamed at mouth of volcano - Kagoshima Kurino-cho, Aira-gun.. Reservation

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[Outline] Steamed at mouth of volcano Nansyukan-KagoshimaKurinodake Kurino-cho, Aira-gun
[Reservation] Net tentative reservation
[Business] open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
[One day trip bathing] 9:00 to 20:00 Any 1 Touji of 300 yen, two Toujis of 550 yen, three Toujis of 700 yen
[Address] Aira-gunSpring town Kiba 6357
[Telephone] (0995)74-3511 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
[The example of a Rates]
The Characteristic
He did not notice then the clouds of volcanic steam of the Hachiman-Jigoku which rises like a thunderhead over the roof of an inn.However, in the whole hit, there was the strong sulphuric good smell, and it stimulated a nasal cavity and ON avarice (bath) violently.When some were called one among three hot springs, the salt-preserved cherry blossoms in hot water of the sulfur spring of which it complained to the nasal cavity, however the doroyu of the alum melanterite were also new, and since a natural steam bath was rarely a certain thing, either, though it was natural, a bath was all taken.When it talked about "sulfur and asked ?" close also in the jigoku, the husband showed the cover shot of the inn as the Hachiman-Jigoku.the back is a jigoku immediately -- it is -- thank you.We obtain a steamed at mouth of volcano (round steaming of a broiler chicken), and, also itself, a natural steam bath is the recommendation here.It becomes the wooden two-story building main building, the self-cooking building, and Heisei which are built on a stone wall, and is a new building extension.

The main building built in a left new building Entrance and a right Teishi enclosure

The view over the salt-preserved cherry blossoms in hot water from a main building

New building lobby

A new building, the inner bath for lodgers

New building guest room

A steamed at mouth of volcano and a wild grass course dinner.
hors d'oeuvre and the small bowl 2, and sliced raw fish, a vinegared, the broiled fish (a trout or a rainbow trout), simmered dishes, a steamed cake, a change bowl and the Kagoshima pig -- nan -- tips -- a cooked in a pot (they are thin wheat noodles in summer), tempura, rice, soup, and fruit

The steamed at mouth of volcano of a chicken, every circle one bird

Local wild grass, trout, and Kumgang bay fresh fish -
It is a dish specially:
The gardenia fruit cooked in a pot of 5,250 yen (3-4 public)
The steamed at mouth of volcano (jigoku circle steaming) of 1750 yen (including tax) of a chicken
  • Meal place: The restaurant for exclusive use divided every morning and evening.

The good smell which a chicken seems to have excites appetite.
* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Indoor Hot Spring
Salt-preserved cherry blossoms in hot water: Sulfur spring
Steam bath: Radium spring
hot-spring [ of Take ]: -- an alum melanterite spring Dollo hot spring -- all -- a Separated by gender

Salt-preserved cherry blossoms in hot water of a sulfur spring

One-day-trip bathing: 9:00 to 20:00
Any 1 hot spring of 300 yen, two hot springs of 550 yen, three hot springs of 700 yen
With room rest: 11:00 to 15:00 They are 1 other people of 760 yen.
A December to Marches are one-room heating expenses of 200 yen.
Hot-spring Cure

The Touji-part guest room building in Yunomae of Take
The back is a jigoku.

Between self-cooking building loans

Steam Bath

Natural steam bath

It is a steam bath to be comparatively large at a wood floor, enjoy the smell of an alum spring, and go into slowly.The objects for males are fever and those with a prepared.
* High blood pressure and cardiopathy are taboos.
Guest Room
New building all rooms Seven Western-style toilet (shower-featured toilet) 25 persons
(Three main building 10 persons, nine self-cooking buildings)

A self-cooking building, a natural steamed at mouth of volcano (for inns), 36 halls, 24 mats
Frequently Asked Question FAQ about Hot-spring Cure
  1. A sake [ in the direction of the next ], give me cleaning of joint equipment of a guest room, a gas stove, sink, etc., etc., and a joint space.
  2. The mountain is adjoined and an insect may trespass upon sink or a guest room.Since those who care about an insect cannot recommend you, please look for others.
  3. A wild boar may come to near the ridge of a hot-spring cure.We cannot recommend it to a child companion.
  4. Put garbage plastic and the garbage which burns into a plastic bag, and put it into an outer bucket.
  5. I wait for the application of the whom who which can observe the general manners of a hot-spring cure.
  6. There is a communal kitchen.
  7. Be joint and use a refrigerator, a microwave gas stove, and sink.
  8. Bring pots-and-pans tableware, a cutting board and a kitchen knife, foods, a seasoning, etc. with you.
  9. Gas, a waterworks, and electric bill included Electric rice-cooker carrying in is 150 yen/one day.
  10. Those [ one ] with three room and both one person and 7 persons can accept.More than 5 persons will consider it as a charter.
  11. With three points of a sheet, a quilt cover, and a pillowcase (it exchanges by an offer henceforth [ 4th ])
  12. Bring a yukata and the washing implement with you.
  13. A grocery store takes about 10 minutes by car to a town.
  14. A public lavatory is Japanese style rinsing.
Near Station
JR Hisatsu Line Kurino station

- Top - 6357, Koba, Yusui-cho, Aira-gun, Kagoshima-ken
Telephone: 0995-74-3511
Welcome and Send-off
More than 2 persons are reservation required to the Kurino station or the area bus stop of stylish stylish center くり.More than 10 persons are good and reservation required to an airport.
Parking Lot
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