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The Characteristic
It is the Spa accommodation of one house to the northernmost Hondomari in the Rishiri island.The inn which the back fronts [ a wilderness and / west ] the Rebun island from a Hondomari port, and can desire calmly the morning sun which rises to a wilderness, the Rishiri mountain, and the northernmost setting sun, and its name are also the setting suns (method of a cough).The madam's home-made dish elaborate with which which has the fishing right of a seaweed catching and a seaweed catching says as a hobby is recommendation.When coming to Hokkaido, the sightseeing dish in character with Hokkaido tended to be thought, but I received apparently very ordinary home cooking of the supper very deliciously.and the boiled rice of the Collema nigrescence which could not be easily tasted by others in the next morning and which the madam took in spring and Shaki -- a green laver full of miso soup of the taste carried out crispily -- a deeply concerned about -- it was delicious and was like [ which takes out precious foods unsparingly and feels them sorry ].As for whether the thing with a delicious right-eyed flounder of food dried in the shade is natural here, the sounds Tsuru^^ received [ a true taste and salmon roe of homemade immersed length taken out nonchalantly ] the egg dish.

It is a yuyado of eaves the Rishiri island southernmost and uniquely [ Hondomari ].

A Collema nigrescence, green laver, a Mimiko seeweed, a spring crop.

The Rishiri island, the foods of the four seasons
Winter - a March A Mimiko-seeweed gumweed and rock paste (dried product all year round)
April Kelp
May Wakame seaweed
3 - a May Hairy crab
6 - an August raw sea-urchin roe and a sea cucumber, and an octopus - Pleurogrammus azonus
September A salmon and salmon roe Pleurogrammus azonus
October Pleurogrammus azonus squid
10 - a December An abalone and water right-eyed-flounder Pleurogrammus azonus
It can choose out of a sightseeing dish or home cooking.

The supper of handmade home cooking.

Foods of a September, a salmon and salmon roe

How is the whom who of mountain climbing? Rice ball of the Collema nigrescence of madam pride.

Meal place: Every morning and evening restaurant

Special order dish:
one cup of 3-May hairy crab, and six to eight Onaka small and months -- obtaining -- about bowl and October abalone circle 2000 yen -- from -- reservation required [ every ]

A breakfast dessert and handmade coffee jelly are excellent pieces.

The dry Mimiko seeweed of spring crop

The Rishiri mountain of evening glow, a Hondomari port

* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Indoor Hot Spring

Indoor hot springs are one and man-and-woman shift operations.
(A hot spring cannot be gone and returned [ lorry delivery, circulation overheating, and ] in one day)

The northwestern sea and the view of the Rebun island

The northeast sea and the view of a wilderness
(Please have a look by the left photograph and a panorama.)

Guest Room
Five Japanese-style rooms (the second floor) and two European-style rooms (the first floor) 18 persons
A coin washing machine, a vending machine, and a drying room
Near Station
Sagidomari ferry terminal
Hokkaido The Rishiri island Sagidomari Rishiri
Ryokan Sekiyo (method of a cough)
Telephone: 0163-89-2525 FAX:0163-89-2526
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Welcome and Send-off
Up to a ferry terminal
it welcomes and sends off to a trailhead -- please consult.
Parking Lot
Full equipment
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